Now Mutahi NGUNYI predicts MIRACLE in NASA

Now Mutahi NGUNYI predicts MIRACLE in NASA
Now Mutahi NGUNYI predicts MIRACLE in NASA

Political analyst argues that NASA is all about Raila Odinga and that the other candidates will be tricked into submission.

-Says it will take a miracle for Raila not to be the presidential candidate.

-Analysis notes that if Raila sacrifices for Kalonzo, it’s because he is desperate. Not because he loves the country and hate corruption.

Outspoken political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi now says it will take a miracle for Raila Odinga not to be the NASA presidential candidate.

Ngunyi, in his periodical political analysis dubbed The 5th Estate on Youtube, predicts that all is not well in NASA and illustrates the near-impossibility of the Odinga dynasty ceding its century worth of political investment to an individual.

“Dynasties are vicious institutions. They are jealous, mean and unforgiving. And the Odinga dynasty is not any different,” he states.

Now Mutahi NGUNYI predicts MIRACLE in NASA

Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka

Ngunyi estimates that the Odingas have put in over 100 years of labour in order to create the Odinga base and wonders if Raila would be willing to sacrifice his family’s century-old inheritance for Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

“…the answer is a resounding no,” he argues? ‘If Raila is not the NASA candidate, he will have performed a miracle, in my view,” he opines.

Now Mutahi NGUNYI predicts MIRACLE in NASA

NASA Principals

The analysis predicts that NASA will not name its presidential candidate on March 22 as promised, not because they have disagreed, but because they have a political trickster among them.

“They all know him, but no one has the courage to pin him down, leading to a paralysis,” argues a political economist going by the initials D.M.

“The trickster (Raila) wants to delay the selection of candidates until it’s too late. This way, the rest will support him at zero option at the 11th hour. It will be very difficult for them to fish for alternatives,”


Raila Odinga

Another analyst casts doubt on the existence of any consultations the NASA flag-bearers. “In 2007, they told us that they were consulting and then Raila became the candidate. In 2013 they consulted and then Mudavadi realized that he was being cheated and left. Kalonzo is where Mudavadi was in 2013,” she argues.

“The candidate is Raila. No Raila, no NASA. If Raila is not the candidate, he will run on an ODM ticket”.



Now Mutahi NGUNYI predicts MIRACLE in NASA

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  1. Anonymous says

    Ngunyi is a tribal monk, one wonders why we even bother to engage him. I believe it’s because he’s all over the public space.

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