Raila will kill me if he wins presidency, his ‘brother’ Aburi claims, plans exile

Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi addresses journalists at Meru Slopes Hotel, March 3, 2017. /MUTHOMI MWENDA

Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi has said he will go into exile if Opposition leader Raila Odinga wins the general election.

Aburi did not give reasons for this but said on Friday that he will be on standby during the announcement of poll results.

“If Raila wins this election I will be the first person he will kill…I will be on standby at one of the borders, ready to run away,” he told the media in Meru town.

The MP who was elected on an ODM ticket has in the past claimed Raila is his blood brother.

Aburi said he will work hard to ensure President Uhuru Kenyatta is re-elected but asked the President to visit the county as things seemed to be changing.

“I will ensure [President Uhuru wins the Presidential seat because I cannot stand a Raila government,” he said.

Aburi spoke a day after Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi expressed concern that the National Super Alliance was gaining popularity in Meru.

The Opposition has also shaken Jubilee’s traditional bastions of Masaailand, Meru and Elgeyo Marakwet. There, Deputy President William Ruto’s key ally Senator Kipchumba Murkomen is facing a reelection challenge from former police boss David Kimaiyo.

Aburi asked the President to shun advisers who keep telling him Meru will rally behind him and visit the county in person.

He said some leaders were not telling Uhuru the truth because he should have been notified that the people were not satisfied and were finding solace in Nasa.

“I am telling you, you must come and camp in Meru because it’s yours. Stop concentrating on people who did not vote for you,” he said.

“Uhuru should concentrate on areas that supported him. Some leaders are lying to you that Meru is behind you. That’s a lie.”

The MP also told off Jubilee Party leaders calling for county woman representative Florence Kajuju to step down from the race in favour of businesswoman Faith Kawira.

He alluded to rot in the the party’s leadership saying Kajuju had been promised a seat in the East African Legislative Assembly, should she step down for Kawira.

“Kawira is a witch, a dirty woman who needs to be cleansed before she can be fit to represent the people of Meru,” said the MP.

“It is good that our people look into the pasts of some of the candidates and analyse them. Kajuju is as clean as velvet. Nobody should force Kawira upon the people. It will be unfair because Kajuju is also a founder of Jubilee.”

Kawira was recently given an opportunity to fly the PNU ticket through negotiated democracy; Mary Mwiti, Meru County CEC in charge of water and natural resources, had agreed to step down in her favour.

Aburi said that if Kawira and Kajuju join JP, the nominations should be fair and the people allowed to choose their leader.

He added that the party has reached an agreement to Senator Kiraitu Murungi to succeed Peter Munya as Governor, Kajuju to become woman MP and Linturi to become Senator.

“In Jubilee we have divided our seats equally, whoever is taking Kawira to Nairobi headquarters to see party leaders so that Kajuju can step aside should know that we are ready to defend Kajuju even if she becomes an independent candidate,” said Aburi.

“We are the Meru people and our issues should not be decided in Nairobi because we are the final decision makers.”

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  1. LWK says

    Well, I guess because he is helping his brother’s opponent, but if that is the Raila rolls, then perhaps he should not become a President. I mean no political opponent should be lose their life over this, even if he is his ‘brother.’ Kind of sad to think someone who has been elected to represent a district would be on stand-by to leave the country for that reason. Is politics still that ugly in Kenya? Hopefully things are getting less corrupt and less conflict-oriented. You can talk out of the gutter (like the U.S. politicians sometimes do and still be a democracy, but if we are still throwing people in the gutter, then that means we are also throwing democracy in the gutter), Public debate is one thing, which is always welcome, but fear like this should never occur in a real democracy. If something on this order is feared and happens we will know if Kenya is truly a democracy or not. That kind of threat and is more of a Russ./Kenyan-Mafia autocracy (rule by threat), not democracy (which protects freedom of opinion and personal choice).

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