Uhuru’ Government: Making the right Decisions on Economy

Uhuru’ Government: Making the right Decisions on Economy

As the country heads to election, one must ask questions as to  what has the administration done. Is it worth electing them again to continue a five year run? Whether the president’s policies are geared towards helping the bottom line for Kenyans. Whether the economic development will propell the country to greater hights to boster the future of the republic expecially in dealing with poverty, desease, and social ills.

One thing that is clear is that foreign companies are investing in the country. Kenya cannot create enough jobs by itself. Every country need investors. To see companies like volvo openning manufacturing hubs in Kenya says that the Uhuru government is on the right truck. Although much still needs to be done, they have laid a foundation that will see Kenya provide good paying jobs to Kenyans.
Volvo Expands Truck Building Into Fast-Growing East Africa

BBN TV Kenya

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