Kenyan innovator who came up with a simple solution for lost IDs


Kenyan innovator who came up with a simple solution for lost IDsThere is one crucial detail that is missing on our national identity cards, passports, ATM cards and other important cards that make them difficult to trace when we lose them.

A 24 year old Kenyan innovator Ken Kamanja has come up an ingenious solution for a problem that has been a pain in the neck for many years.

Ken, a journalism and mass communication Diploma Certificate holder from Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, is currently raking in serious money from a portable sticker printer machine.


Ken Kamanja

Ken’s solution to lost IDs, Passports and ATM cards was to come up with a sticker printer machine that makes it possible to print your phone number on ATM cards, passports and ID cards.

When one loses their ATM card, the banks usually charge them Kes 500 to replace the lost cards, Kes 10,000 for lost passports and a long queue at Huduma Center and weeks of waiting to get a new ID card.


But with Ken’s ingenuity, lost cards are now easier to trace since the cards have owners’ phone number which makes it easier for owners to be found.

Ken is now earning a living by selling his portable sticker printer machine, he currently runs the Anjamak Empire Ventures. The young innovator is targeting aspiring entrepreneurs to sell them the sticker printer machine so that they could also make money by printing the stickers to customers at a fee. The average charges per sticker ranges between Kes 30- Kes 100.


Charging at a fee of Kes 30 per sticker, you are assured of a profit of Kes 75,000 monthly. With an average person having at least four cards, the market is for the taking for young entrepreneurs if only they know sticker printer machine is the next big thing.


Kenyan innovator who came up with a simple solution for lost IDs

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