US happy with IEBC’s election role, wants democracy protected – Godec


US ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec addresses the press at Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi ahead of an address by the electoral commission, August 11, 2017. /LUKE AWICH

US ambassador Robert Godec is pleased with the IEBC’s role in the general election whose official presidential results are to be announced Friday.

At Bomas of Kenya ahead of the announcement, Godec told the press the commission died a commendable job despite facing several challenges.

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He noted the United States holds the position that the process was free and fair, as attested by several groups of observers.

The ambassador asked political leaders to exercise restraint and let IEBC discharge its mandate.

“We urge all the parties to let the commission discharge its responsibilities. Kenyan democracy has come a long one should curtail the process.”

Godec further said any party that will feel aggrieved by IEBC’s announcement should use legal channels to seek justice.

He appealed to the Judiciary to exercise total independence in handling disputes and disagreements.

“The future of the Kenyan nation is so bright. Those who will be aggrieved, let them seek court intervention rather than resorting to violence. No Kenyan should die because of an election.”

He added the independence of the courts remains critical to protecting the democratic process achieved so far.

Godec’s comments came hours after former Secretary of State John Kerry said it was too early for NASA coalition to contest the results.

Kerry, who is leading a delegation of international observers from Carter Centre, said the results can only be contested after declaration by IEBC.

“We are not taking sides of any political affiliation. All we are saying is the [electoral] commission will let the will of people speak,” he told the press on Thursday.

Kerry said the test of Tuesday’s general election will be determined through a detailed process of ballot counting.

“It is up to the electoral commission to ensure the rights of any registered voter who with a lot of patience and calmness braved the long queues to cast their vote,” he added.

In a joint statement by heads of missions on Friday, observers noted this has been a historic week and that they have been impressed.

They reiterated: “IEBC’s independence and credibility have been, and remain, critical to the success of these polls.”

They urged the public to support the commissions, the Judiciary and other organisations.

“It is now vital that the IEBC be given space to complete its task and make its final declaration of results, in line with the constitution, laws and regualtions.”

The observers discuraged violence saying Kenya’s future is more important than this period.

“Leaders need to make that clear.”


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