Kenya Supreme Court Election Judgment: Who taught them English and Logic?


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In western countries, especially in the United States, it is required that all prospective lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Farmers, Environmentalists go through undergraduate work becoming masters in their field. They must go through 4 years of college, and attain a bachelor’s’ degree. The purpose is to lay a foundation of understanding that guides the understanding of things from an informed perspective.

That is why we who have been in positions of college professors appreciate the 1st year and sophomore requirement to take basic classes in humanities, and sciences; Psychology 101, philosophy 101, English 101, English literature 101, physics 101, biology 101, Chemistry 101, and Anatomy and Physiology 101. We call them the Cole course.

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The Kenyan education system is mainly applied art and applied sciences. My niece is a senior Physician in one of Kenya’s general hospital. She went to medical school immediately after high school. Though I am absolutely proud of her accomplishment, she has expressed concern that the Kenya medical training and system lacks understanding of theoretical abstracts. The Kenyan student is not well rounded in understanding theories, but is a great actuator of practical training. That is why in many hospitals, the government has not invested in diagnostic equipment and concentrates on treatment. “Pregnant women come to the hospital and find the ultra sound out of order for 6 months. What do you do? We prescribe pain medication since we cannot diagnose the problem.” She said in a conversation. “We treat people without scientific diagnosis most of the time”. She said in disgust.

The point is, graduates from Kenyan colleges are not well rounded in disciplines that are part of the human experience. My American doctor never treats me, even for a cold without a major lab work to determine my full medical story. The American education system is based first on theory. I took mathematics 101 (Mathematics Theory) to understand the history and progression of Mathematics within different cultures and traditions, and its application, even in theological studies!

It is this luck that was expressed in the judgment by the majority supreme court justices. I doubt if any of the justices took western philosophy which is the foundation for constitutional law. All modern democratic institutions are founded on the Greco – Roman political theory! Since they were making a judgment on an election based about these, then they must first have historically studied Greek and Roman philosophy and Western philosophy. It would also have helped them to have done English 101, 102, 103, and logic! This would have helped them present a coherent and logical judgment. Instead, they have demonstrated their ignorance of language and logic and again exposed Kenyans to the ridicule of not commanding the English language within its historical definition.

My philosophy professor Stuart Hackett at Trinity College (Graduate of Cornell University and Syracuse NY) and my colleague Robert Hackler, professor and mentor in psychological theory (Graduate of Yale) advised that one keep a notebook and while reading any book jot down any new word and research on its foundation, historical development, culture and meaning. I thank them for this wisdom.

The majority opinion in their initial Judgment talked about the concluded election in Kenya as having been conducted within illegalities and irregularities. Then in their full judgment argued that there were no illegalities (given that they did not find IEBC and President Uhuru Kenyatta legally culpable), but rather, that IEBC had conducted an irregular election! In fact, Hillary Clinton used their initial judgment as a standard United states should emulate. But then, they passed judgment on the 3rd respondent who they found innocent of any and all charges or accusations! How can you pass judgment on an innocent man?

I was impressed by their initial judicial independence. But then they presented an incoherent judgment. By annulling the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta they sentenced an innocent man, not for any crime, but irregularities! My, my, talk about injustice. The supreme court indicted itself and call for a constitutional review by its employers, THE PEOPLE!

I believe that all college students in Kenya must have core courses which must include the study of Greek and Roman Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Sociological Theory, World History, and Psychological Theory. Our system of Government is founded on both Greek and Roman political theory and philosophy, Western philosophy and Theory.

As a Student of Greek and Roman Philosophy, Western Philosophy and Historical and Psychological theory, I am embarrassed by the contradiction of the Court. They wrote their decision in a state of mental absurdity! A Psychological review of their mental state is in order.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBluff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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