Woman in Mombasa witch doctor drama tells court she’s a con


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The two suspected car thieves outside Yeshua Clinic in Bamburi, Mombasa, September 6, 2017. /BRIAN OTIENO

The woman whose car was allegedly stolen by two men who caused a stir in Mombasa on Wednesday morning has admitted to being a con.

Elizabeth Wetaba was charged with giving false information before Shanzu senior principal magistrate Diana Mochache on Thursday.

Wetaba said she had given residents a fake name. She further told the court she does not own the car that was found after two men behaved strangely and brought Bamburi estate to a standstill.

The two men, Tachiu and his assistant also appeared in court where an order was given for them to undergo mental checks.

It has been said the two men were under a spell but CCTV footage showed the witch doctor staged the drama.

Wetaba had publicly claimed ownership of the vehicle saying it had been missing for three days.

Residents were shocked as the two men stripped naked and danced with a snake around their necks. They beat the morning cold to treat people to the circus.

Later in the day, the witch doctor identified as Daktari Tachiu began a cleansing ceremony after clothing the suspects.

Tachiu staged a dramatic process whose activities included hitting the men on their heads and talking to a dying hen.

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