Africa Is The Shithole Parent Who Breastfed The USA

Africa is the Shithole parent who  breastfed the USA to become the World Superpower. Africa is the Shithole Parent who BreastFed the USA to become the wealthiest Nation in the World. It is the Shithole Parent “Africa”, who helped the USA to lead in the World of Technology. And now, it is disowned and nicknamed “the Shithole Continent”. What a shame?
What reference would you give to a Son , who grows to become a large bodied individual and a wealthy Giant, who abuses  his own mother, after breast feeding from her, to become that giant he is?.
Africa provided the USA with all that was necessary to enable it to become rich, to become prosperous and to become the strongest Nation in the World. Without the now Shithole Africa, the USA would be like any of the developing Nations in the world. All what has made USA the strongest Nation in the world, came from Africa. It is because of the Shithole African continent, that the USA can today, boast to lead the entire world in technology, in wealth and in power.
The Shithole Africa has enabled the USA to lead the World in the Microsoft industry. The Shithole Africa has enabled the USA to lead the world on ground and in Space technologies. Without what President Trump refers to as the Shithole Africa, the USA would not be able to go to the moon, leave alone to conduct any exploration in space. Without the Shithole Africa the USA would neither operate any plane in the air, nor operate any electronic device whatsoever.
Every electronic device in USA and in all other parts of the world have to be equipped with the Columbite-Tantalites (COLTAN) mineral, in order to operate. The cell phones, the TVs, the Computers, all the communication systems and/or devices, be it the Walkies talkies, the Plane communication gadgets, the Space Stations, Black Boxes, all kinds of Robots, Hydrogen Bombs, Atomic Bombs and/or nuclear weapons, must be equipped with ColumbiteTantalites (COLTAN) mineral in order to work. Without Columbite-Tantalites (COLTAN) mineral, none of them would function. The Democratic Republic of Congo, which according to President Donald Trump, is a Shithole country, produces 80% of the Columbite-Tantalites  (COLTAN) mineral in the entire World. 
The USA, as does almost all other parts of the World,  has been getting its Coltan mineral for its electronic devices, from What President Trump calls “The Shithole Africa”. The Shithole Africa has been Breast Feeding the USA with Coltan mineral, which is what has enabled it to become, the super power of this World. The Shithole Africa acted like a mother for the USA, in its infancy, before becoming the super power it is today. And it is still getting COLTAN mineral from Africa for use up to this day. Abusing and insulting Africa is like insulting a mother who has breast fed you to become an extraordinary strong big man. It does not matter the size of your mother, and it does not matter the Status in which your mother is and/or the status in which your mother was and has been. It does not also matter the strength or the size you grow up to become, after breast feeding from your mother. One has to respect the mother under whatever circumstances and at all times. And so should the USA President respect Africa and its people because of those admirable benefits which brought USA this far.
Therefore, President Donald Trump, on behalf of the USA and on behalf of the American people, as the President of this great Nation, should respect Africa and the African people unconditionally, under all the circumstances and at all times, bearing in mind the enormous contribution the African Continent and especially, the DRC (Congo), has provided to the current position of the USA todayHe shouldunconditionally apologize to the African people and to the entire world which has been offended by this “Shithole” reference.
I also advice the Republican Party to operate beyond the norms of “Protecting the Party” in disregard of guarding the reputation and the respect of the USA from the outside world. Words like Shithole in reference to other Nations, would not only destroy the reputation of the Republican Party from which political party the President comes, but it would also create a disastrous trend of the destruction of the image of the USA worldwide. This is not good for the USA and it is not good for the American people.
Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity.
Presidential Advisory Board (RNC)

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