Raila Odinga Junior Denounces Plot To Con Kenyans On Behalf Of ODM


Raila Odinga Junior NASA leader, Raila Odinga’s youngest son, Raila Odinga Junior has rubbished claims of ever soliciting for funds on behalf of the Orange Democratic Party (ODM).

Junior says that pseudo accounts in his name have been used to con unsuspecting Kenyans of their hard earned money in the name of supporting the ODM party.

”It has come to my attention that someone has been using my identity to con and scam people on Instragram. Please be guided, I have never and will never ask for money on behalf of any political party, ODM to be precise,” Mr Odinga said on social media.

An Instagram user told Odinga that someone, using the username Odinga Junior had conned her of Sh5,000.

”To my followers who have been conned, I’m really sorry for that. Please, feel free to report any account using my identity to con people, I will report this issue to have the account suspended,” he added.

During the 2017 campaign period, Junior was accused together with his sister, Winnie Odinga, Nelly Okatch and Caesar Asiyo of asking party supporters for Sh10,000 to attend the opposition’s manifesto launch, that was at the time taking place at the Ngong Racecourse Waterfront.

The four are also said to have dominated the campaigns through companies they fronted and bagged more than 90% of contracts from the NASA campaigns.


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