Video: Story of Kenyan man with photographic memory


Samuel Yatich, a resident of Marakwet East in Elgeyo Marakwet County is gifted with a photographic memory that grasps registration numbers of choppers and vehicles at a glance without forgetting any letter.

Yatich has been helping police with investigations in finding vehicles and motorcycles involved in crime since he recalls registration numbers easily. As a result he has become a friend of police officers in the region, who often refer to him as โ€˜memory card.โ€™

When assigned by police to monitor vehicles on a specific road, he usually recalls all registration numbers and car descriptions without writing anything down.

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Yatich can read your scratch card number in a glimpse and top up his mobile phone way before you feed the number and remembers scratch card code at first glance.

Despite him being of great help to the police and community in general, Yatich lives in abject poverty.

He had a dream of becoming a software engineer but he now survives on menial jobs in his home village to support his family.

His story is of wasted brains that many people believe the county and national government could have exploited for the benefit of the community as well as his well-being.

KTN highlighted the story of Samuel Yatich, focusing on his impressive mental capacity and his occasional assistance to the police

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