A Man With Touching Life Story Receives Title Deed For A Free Plot


A Man With Touching Life Story Receives Title Deed For A Free Plot

A Man With Touching Life Story Receives Title Deed For A Free PlotA Man Whose Touching Life Story Made Rounds On Social Media Receives Title Deed For The Free Plot Given To Him By Username Investments

Musa’s story emerged in February this year when his touching life story of having a visually impaired and physically challenged son since 2017 elicited most reactions from the public after hundreds of Kenyans submitted compelling stories of needy people in our communities. Username Investments gifted him a free residential plot to settle his family in line with the company’s mission of providing the current and upcoming generation with a place to call home.

Speaking while issuing the title deed, Reuben Kimani, CEO, Username Investment Ltd., noted that, “As A Tradition of Trust, title deed delivery is key to us and today, we have fulfilled our promise to Musa. He now joins thousands of Kenyans whose home ownership dreams have been fulfilled by Username Investments. Musa can now develop his home and settle his family. We hope that this title deed and the property becomes a blessing to him and his family.”

“As a company, we are glad to be empowering Kenyans to own affordable land ideal for residential development. This is our unique contribution to the Government’s Affordable Housing Agenda. Despite COVID-19 disruption, we are glad to have delivered over 600 titles deeds for various projects key among them Pristine Gardens – Matuu, Nakuru Harmony Gardens, Greenfields – Kangundo Road, Graceland Kangundo Road Phase II among others.  This increases the number of title deeds we have issued to over 8,172 since our establishment in 2013.”

Speaking while receiving his title deed, Musa Yatich said, “Thank you Username Investments for fulfilling this promise, in deed this is a dream come true. When I received a call from you that my title deed is ready, my family and I were overjoyed. 2020 is our memorable year, we have owned a place to call our own. Covid-19 season has been challenging especially if you a renting.  The economy has faced a down turn and you are torn in between paying rent and buying food for your family. Basically, as a family man you do not have peace. This plot is a blessing and I plan to build a home where my family will have peace of mind and a place to call their own. Thank you again Username Investments Team and Kenyans for making my family and I own land this year.

Reuben concluded by encouraging Kenyans to invest in land during this season. He mentioned that land selling companies have extended lenient repayment period for properties whereby you find a prime property with a cash offer of Ksh 199,000 and with a friendly payment plan. Further, properties are now being sold with huge discounts. This is simply the best time to buy land because once the economy recovers, land prices will skyrocket.

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