Kenyan woman Homeless after being deported from UK


My name is failure and unstable, I moved to the UK a few years ago just like so many immigrants i become illegal just as i was trying to get myself legalized i went to a detention center yarls wood but was released a week later.

For the last five years i have been fighting my immigration case.

The last appeal landed me back at yarls wood, i ended up been locked up for 9 months and a half. I was diagnosed with clinical depression and post traumatic depression but  i still ended up being deported to my country.

I am currently homeless in fear over my life and am with my daughter struggling,my daughter has spinal injury and has low white blood cells. I am requesting for medical help and financial help to get to a safe haven for me and my daughter urgently.

Any donation or help i receive will change our life enormously

My gofundme  

By Nyawira Wakaronde Kariu

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  1. carlos kamanza says

    Comment: can we stay together

  2. Ruth says

    Comment: pole sana, East West Home is best. feel at home,no point of worry. Just pray and trust God and you will see Gods favor in your life

  3. Kate says

    Kindly change your name from unstable, miserable, failure etc. Call yourself blessed, honoured, because you were created in the likeness of God!
    He understands how His children feel. He will listen to you.

  4. Elijah m says

    Go back to Kenya.wacha kusumbua watu.

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