Shame: Willis Raburu, Jeff Koinange bashed over Miguna Challenge video


On 27th March, self-styled National Resistance Movement (NRM) ‘General’ Miguna Miguna refused to board a Dubai-bound plane despite law enforcement officers forcing him onto the plane.

The ensuing fracas gave rise to the Miguna Challenge, which saw Kenyans make fun of his chaotic deportation attempt.

On April 5th, journalists Willis Raburu and Jeff Koinange faced backlash from Miguna and a section of Tweeter users after they too hopped onto the bandwagon.

In a video shared by Raburu, Koinange is seen to be ‘manhandled’ into the Hot 96 studios against his will, seemingly mocking Miguna’s run-in with security forces at JKIA.

“So @koinangejeff tried to tell is he did #JKL last night with @sautisol and he was so tired, he wanted a day off but @Hot_96Kenya hatutambui he signed the dotted line @JalangoMwenyewe” wrote Raburu.

The post drew Miguna’s ire as the ‘General’ wrote, “@WillisRaburu, @KoinangeJeff and Company: You are part of Kenya’s main problem. You enjoy, joke at, mock and poke fun at egregious human rights abuses, torture and tyranny because the tyrants have you on their payroll. Shame on all of you!”

Other social media users also weighed in on the video:

@Mahat07286945 The last I watched any local news was the build up to the 2017 general elections. I stopped watching it because it is toxic, insensitive and lacks basic journalistic ethics.

 @ijachola1 Childish!

@EmmaculateOtie7 What’s wrong with jeff koinange.

 @xius_x kesho maybe itakua ni mmoja wenu ,akifukuzwa  job,msidhani eti nyinyi mshaafika,ya mungu ni mengi, challenge bado tutazifanya.

@martin39084719 What did @KoinangeJeff have for breakfast!haha.

@Moni_Atise Raburu you’ve been my Best reporter but this wasn’t really funny! BAD!

@ELaleti Shame on you guys.

@sanfum Quite insensitive.

‏@GabbeOk If Men with greying pubic hairs can stoop this low on serious matters affecting majority of Kenyans. Then what will be left for 10 years old boys to do

‏ @ongola_steven Raburu Jeff and hot mmekula unfollow

@NgonziR There are other ways to get approval ratings, this is in bad taste

@evaokech Out of respect, it would be wise to pull this down and acknowledge you did wrong.

@FaizaAthman Not funny at all. Human Rights abuse happened which shows it can happen to anyone. Please let’s stand for justice and be on the right side of history of Kenya

‏@NT38593240 Really!!!! Not funny at all!!! This is quite immature by men we thought are mature!! Mx2 is a human being, a father, a son, a sibling , a Kenyan citizen and above all a child of God

Source the standard Newspaper

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