Jalang’o bids farewell to Jeff Koinange in emotional post


Barely two years since Jalang’o and Jeff paired for their breakfast radio show, has the former called it quits.

Hosting the breakfast show alone until they find a worthy replacement for the comedian, Jeff’s new show has been rebranded to ‘Jeff in the morning.’

In a long post, Jalas penned an emotional letter to his former co-host who he considers as his brother and mentor who believed in him and gave him a chance.

“My brother…My Mentor…My Friend and my partner…I haven’t even called you to say bye because I don’t know what to tell…I guess my voice will shake all through and maybe I’d want to lie and maybe tell you I’ll be back…It’s your time to shine on! Hold the fort! You’ve always done it so it shouldn’t be different!

Thank you for everything Jeff

1. Making me believe in myself again that I can fit in any place even when people dint believe in me you made me shine among the elite!

2. No single day did you ever look down on me even when you knew that our lives were far apart and so different but you held my hands and we created something beautiful #JeffAndJalasOnHot96

3. Each day I learnt something new from you and that gave me the reason to want to wake up each day…your experience in the industry is something I needed and you made working with you a vacation each day!

4. When we started they all were asking “Jeff and Jalas how? And I remember you telling me watch this space! See what it became…A monster show!

5. Keep being the amazing guy you are… I hope you learn to dance Kwangwaru soon enough…Friday Swahili interviews…Rooftop things…and smoke the show up because it will always go on! The show must go on…SMOOOOOOOOOOKING!

See you at my graduation!’’ he posted.

The comedian is headed to Milele FM where he and former co-host Alex Mwakideu will.

To his fans, he has nothing but love for them as he bid them goodbye.

“Thanks fam… I got nothing but love for all of you… Hard decision to make but so here we are! A great 1 year 4 months of us. God bless you guys… the struggle continues on my side. Thank you,” said Jalang’o.


Source the standard Newspaper

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