Fury as a Nairobi woman is kicked out of a city restaurant for breastfeeding


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Are there any rules to breastfeeding? Is breastfeeding in the public okay or is it indecent exposure? Many people never seem to agree on issues relating to public breastfeeding as some view it as just feeding the baby whereas others think a woman’s breast should never be displayed in public no matter what.

A city restaurant in Nairobi has come under attack for kicking a breastfeeding woman out into the rain for apparently not covering her kid as she breastfed. The woman, only identified as Betty Kim took to social media to vent on the ill treatment she received.

The woman wrote “I’m very disappointed by (name withheld) after humiliating me when breastfeeding my baby. Those Waiter’s should be aware not all babies are covered while being fed. The approach was pathetic, it was raining outside na siwezi nyonyeshea mtoto kwa choo.”

Her post has since gone viral and people have come out in support of breastfeeding mothers.

What are your thoughts on this?


Source the standard Newspaper

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