Book Signing: Kikuyu Mystery Revealed-St Andrews ICC Church Baltimore MD

‘Kikuyu Mystery Revealed’ book signing ceremony will be on July 8th 2018 @11.00 am at St. Andrews ICC Church in Baltimore Maryland. For more information please visit the website and subscribe to receive updates. You can also follow and like Facebook page Kikuyu Mystery By Rose Mukuhi Wa Mwangi


In Kikuyu Mystery Revealed, the author digs deeply into the hidden mysteries of the Kikuyu people of Kenya in East Africa, whom the author claims is one of the ten lost tribes of Israel, descendants of the tribe of Asher, exiled “…beyond the rivers of Ethiopia” (Zephaniah 3:10). The root word of the name of the tribe, Gikuyu, is the same as for the native Sycamore fig referred to in the Biblical account of the invasion and exile of the Northern Kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians. She relates the accounts of early western Christian missionaries to Kenya, who were amazed at the parallels between the Mosaic and Levitical laws in the Old Testament and Kikuyu history, culture, and traditions — especially their sacrificial and ceremonial practices.

Isaiah and Ezekiel prophesied God would appoint a Faithful Servant, the Spotless Lamb of God, to raise all the tribes of Israel from dry bones and restore the preserved remnant to Jeshurun, “upright Israel.” The Kikuyu Ituika Ceremony, wherein the leadership mantle was passed from one ruling generation of elders to the next, is an explicit type and prophetic reflection of Yeshua’s three years’ earthly ministry. The Kikuyu Second Birth Ceremony, in which all children must be born again by a Lamb, reflects the second birth that Yeshua discussed with Nicodemus.

Reading Kikuyu Mystery Revealed and gaining the author’s perspective on how old Kikuyu traditions illuminate the new covenant will help one appreciate God’s gift of redemption. The reader will see a strong witness of the Messiah in a lost, exiled tribe and will grasp how Yeshua fulfilled the old covenant by reconciling it to the new.

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