What you need to know about Kenya’s first online tax filling platform ‘ushuru.co.ke’

Approximately 2.1 million Kenyans filed their tax annual returns through Kenya Revenue Authority’s iTax system in 2017, representing a 75 per cent increase from the 1.2 million taxpayers who honored this obligation the previous year.

For years, Kenyans have complained that the process of filing their returns is winding and tedious, more so when the process was manual. Even after KRA migrated its processes to iTax, some Kenyans still have a hard time honouring this highly important tax obligation. Tax is understandably a challenging and ever-changing topic.

Ushuru.co.ke, Kenya’s first premium online tax website, is easing this burden by facilitating taxpayers, including Kenyans living in the diaspora and expatriates working locally, to be tax compliant.

The site, which is run and managed by a team of friendly, down-to-earth and well-experienced accountants and lawyers, with intensive and professional tax experience in Kenya, seeks to demystify the taxation field for individuals and businesses.

Over and above having the technical expertise to ensure that your taxation status is up to date, Ushuru.co.ke enjoys a good relationship with the KRA as well as experienced tax clerks who are able to reach out to the correct tax station to serve clients.

Moreover, tax laws evolve regularly, with new provisions introduced or old ones revised. A case in point is the Income Tax Bill 2018 which was recently released for the public to offer their views. If the Bill is passed by Parliament as currently drafted, individuals, companies — both large enterprises and SMEs – will be impacted to varying extents. And the changes can confusing to many Kenyans, leading them to, unintentionally, fall foul of the taxman and be slapped with huge penalties.

As the deadline to file taxes nears, it is expected that thousands of Kenyan will rush to file their taxes at Huduma Centers or KRA support centers. With our busy schedules, the ease with which iTax tasks, tax refund applications and tax compliance certificates can be undertaken is a welcome relief for many SMEs and private individuals.

Ushuru.co.ke is secure and reliable and empowers you to be tax compliant at the very comfort of your home, while giving you absolute peace of mind without having to deal with terms such as ‘penalties’ and ‘the government will find you” that are associated with the process.

The platform will treat personal and confidential with utmost care, sensitivity and respect while responding to emails phone calls and social media within 24 hours of receipt. Their services are also fairly-priced, matching the highest professional service and charging a fraction of the cost.


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