Kenyan Youth Are A Good Example Of Educated Fools


We have failed to understand that comparison and competition are worse than cancer.That it makes people jealous, ravenous and unproductive. Instead of building our future, we are strengthening our egos while maintaining useless status quos.

We forgot to do things out of passion but for “publicity “. We do too much for the “gram” but nothing for ourselves.

Sadly we are the Adam and Eve of the social media generation and in its garden of negativity and positivity lies in the middle, the forbidden fruit.

The fruit, comparison and competition that is so sweet amongst the youths. Social media platforms have been turned into life achievement scorecards.

We don’t get married because we are in love anymore, we don’t buy cars because we want to drive, and we go for vacations although we don’t fancy our destinations, and we eat when not hungry and drink when not thirsty.

We are doing things to prove others wrong instead of proving ourselves right.

We tergiversate (make conflicting or evasive statements) our spirits, dreams and live within others.

Every sin has its consequences. We are afraid that people will leave us behind instead of being afraid God will leave us behind.

It’s the reason why many new couples are breaking up, many getting fired from work because of unnecessary loans, high crime rate, youths sleeping with people who went to village dances with their grandparents all for money to quench the forbidden fruit.

If only we could learn that competing with yourself makes you better, while competing with others makes you bitter then most of us will prosper.

That God works with his timelines and the kind of pressure we succumb to will have an impact in our lives.

Source The Star Newspaper

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