Meet couple who will be caning each other in case of unfaithfulness


Marriage between people has of late become an everyday event in the society. Many have gone into correlation with a number preferring the ‘come we stay’ way that eases their marriage.

In relation to the past, communities considered marriage as the most important rite of passage that involves the elders who authenticate it.

Specific village elders were mandated to solving any disputes in marriages and anything that was against their wish in the society.

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Scenarios have emerged of couples and people in relationships killing and brutally punishing each other without imagining legal measures that may be posed against them.

According to the marriage act, spouses may claim from negligent acts or omissions as well as breach of duty which causes loss of companionship.

An individual who is being subjected to domestic violence will develop an extremely low self-esteem.

However, couples have resorted to a new way of internally solving problems.

In Kiambu, a couple popularly known as Mr and Mrs Maina, have signed a covenant of punishment in relations to their stipulated agreement.

The loyalty to their companionship has been a contribution of disagreement that they have tried to normally resolve but to no avail.

Faithfulness in their marriage is all they would wish to maintain in their five year stay as they all sail in their boat of love.

The two have adopted caning each other whenever found in a scheme of traitorousness in their marriage.

The accused would bear five strokes that would be implemented after confirmation of the mistake.

This act has kept their couplehood peaceful and has enhanced mutual respect between them.

The question that remains is if this is the way to avoidance of domestic violence among the married individuals and avoid implication of the law.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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