VIDEO: Theresa May trolled for her dance moves in Kenya


UK Prime Minister Theresa May was in Kenya on Thursday where he met President Uhuru Kenyatta but she received a lot of stick for her dance moves.

During a brief interaction with scouts at the United Nations offices in Nairobi, May could not hold back but join in the dance as the band played.​ After dancing with the British leader, Kenyan scouts showed her their inventive takes on reusing plastic, including a soccer ball made of plastic bags which Ms May later enthusiastically kicked.

A number of publications in Britain, however, trolled her for her uncoordinated moves saying she resembled someone picking stuff from the top shelf of a grocery shop.

“I think someone forgot to oil her,” wrote another.

British presenter Joe Swash, also made fun of May, asking his counterparts in studio to imitate her.

“Everyone stand up. So basically, you’ve got to imagine that you’re on a farm and you’re picking fruit.

“Let’s get some music going…now pick some apples, now pick some grapes,” he joked.

One James Felton did not mince his words as he stated: “Theresa May dances like she’s had her freedom of movement surgically removed.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May has ANOTHER go at dancing as she wraps up her Africa trip. #TheresaMay

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— On Demand News (@ODN) August 30, 2018

Other Twitter users were, however, less concerned saying her leadership was more important.

This was the second dance by May after her first attempt in South Africa also went viral.

Managed to get my hands on the original unedited version of the #TheresaMaydancing footage— Ashley Smith (@OhHeySmithy) August 28, 2018

During her meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta, the UK Prime Minister announced the entry of twenty new UK businesses in Kenya, a feat she termed as a clear demonstration of the confidence the British business community has in Kenya’s attractive investment environment.

British companies are among the largest investors in the country with companies employing over 250,000 people.

While thanking President Kenyatta for his commitment to creating an enabling and conducive environment for the growth of the private sector in Kenya, May observed that British companies are known for their high-quality standards and strict adherence to labour laws which are hallmarks of fair trade.

Here is the video courtesy of The Guardian:

Source The Standard Newspaper

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