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Why did you call me if you didn’t have time for me – Granny scolds NTV anchor

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VIDEO: An 80-year-old granny sent social media into a frenzy after reprimanding NTV’s The Trend host Amina Abdi in a live broadcast on Friday night.

Cecilia Wangari, who broke the inter webs in July with her expertise in repairing car sound systems, reproached Amina for telling her that time was up.

“That time should not elapse, if you called me you should listen don’t tell me that time is up, why did you invite me)?” an angry Wangari asked.

“Why did you invite me in studio, you should listen, Kenyans should also listen not only you, from now on listen and we’ll understand each other, if you don’t listen we will not understand each other,” she added.

When The Standard visited Wangari in July, she divulged she opens her shop at 8am daily and closes when the day’s work is done.

She added that sometimes she has to go into the Central Business District to buy spare parts.

During the interview, Wangari was able to fix a car stereo within minutes.

“Fixing sound systems in vehicles is more than just a way to earn a living, it is fun and fulfilling,” said an elated Wangari.

She has also given back to the society by training and employing many young people over the years.

According to Wangari, her husband died during the Mau Mau war and she never remarried, instead choosing to focus on business and raising her daughter.

Here is the video courtesy of NTV


Source The Standard Newspaper
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