Digital Technology kills Christianity slowly by slowly

Most christians are committing to social media than the Bible!


Digital Technology kills Christianity slowly by slowlyFor many years Christianity has been growing with missionaries moving all over the world to preach the Good News.The Holy Bible has impacted spiritual growth to millions and millions of people. Christian converts have been enjoying spiritual guidance from powerful men of God full of the Holy spirit. These were the men who seriously committed their lives to God and could not entertain any compromise whatsoever. They followed the teachings of Jesus with seriousness and they were characterized by their love for God and not how they dressed. In those days we enjoyed going to the church and spent hours worshipping and praising God. Our parents showed us the way of the Cross.We could speak about God with respect and command. We knew nothing but only the ” Bible Says !” Everything we did was dedicated to God. Life was so sweet, people feared God and hated sin. Immorality was minimal and the society rules were guided by the principles of Godliness and not guns.

There were special men with Godly wisdom who were ever consulted whenever crisis occured in the society and every time they settled disputes, they could give God the first chance requesting the parties concerned to go back home and seek the will of God. The Church was respected and no one could enter disrespectfully or dare joke with tithes and offering. The sky looked unique with clouds forming popular spiritual images of saints and angels. We liked gazing at the sky for hours to catch a glimpse of every change. Men loved God and women honoured God and submitted to their husbands committing themselves to the work of God with dedication. Children were taught to love, fear God and commit their lives to him as early as they started going to school. They couldn’t miss sunday school. They could learn and recite memory verses from the Bible . Young men feared God they were not promiscuous and treated each other with dignity.

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During those days there was total apostasy and no one could struggle to defend his or her faith in God. There was nothing like affirmative action,equality or gender imbalance as everyone was guided by the principles of the word of God. There was sanity in life and life was so peaceful! I remember a very dedicated man of God in my village who was a “Mkorino” (wore a turban). He could wake up before dawn every day to dedicate the village to God with a powerful prayer. He sung ” Akorino” hymes one after the other until the first tweet. I likened him with Elijah of the Bible for he looked and dressed like him and preached from a hill. When I saw Dr. Solomon Waigwa who is a powerful ” Mkorino” in the United States, University Lecturer and a motivational speaker I remembered those old good days back in Africa.

He reminded men that there is still chance to dedicate to God as in those old days. He was one of the facilitators in Men’s retreat at the Lake of Ozark late in August 2018 . This retreat was organized by the Christ Covenant Church’s Men Fellowship in st. Louis Missouri.

My great concern is how things have changed today,technology has turned everything upside down! Starting from digitizing the Holy Bible, this is not wrong but substituting the Holy Bible with a soft copy has brought a lot of compromise. People no longer buy Bibles with a genuine excuse that they have it in their phones. With my little knowledge in IT I believe that information servers sometimes crash! Viruses also can ruin systems and this cannot spare the data bank where valuable information is stored. What if you wake up one day in the middle of the surmon you find that your online Bible is not there? With such digitization the Bible Societies that publish the Bible might not continue to print more of them meaning that , there will come a time when we shall not have hand copies of the Holy Bible!

With the social media today, people are not careful with what they are posting, some Biblical quotes are misquoted either to deliberately cause confusion or by ordinary mistakes. The most interesting thing is that we respond with a quick ”Amen ” just because we see the name of Jesus , God and other Biblical characters. There is need to be cautious on this.

The most tricky thing with technology today is the time that Christian use on social media and the internet.
Technology has robbed all the time that christians dedicated to God. Children have turned crazy with cartoons and games while their parents are busy with social media. Marriage relationships have been greatly affected as most of the time partners are on phones chatting with no time for one another. Its surprising to learn how many relationships break every day for partners lacking time for each other due to addiction of social media. Parents are no more role models to their children, they have all being trapped by a common enemy. Many internet teachers with all kinds of pedagogical skills dominates the minds of people pumping all kinds of content. Disagreements dominates households with every kind of ideologies and teachings taking control of the families. The evil domination culminates every aspect of life with everyone turning against the other, instead of Godliness, people’s minds are dominated by bitterness, revenge, competition, money and power. It is the highest time we seek the face of God less the world heading for more destruction. Know your stand and position!

By Gerald Muriithi

Source usdiasporanews

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  1. Dr. T. says

    Thats a good analysis, a little bit bent against modernism, but a good analysis. I agree modernity erases innocence, yet we cannot avoid it. The past did have its own problems but especially in Kenya, there was more innocence. Asante.

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