Raila Odinga Junior wants the government to legalize bhang

Former prime minister Raila Odinga’s son junior has called on the government to legalize cannabis sativa (Bhang).

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader’s son has called for serious discussions on the legalization and control of cannabis sativa.

He tweeted this on Wednesday 12th September quoting a story of a middle-aged man, Njoroge Mbugua, who was arrested by police in Mirithu village, Limuru after being found to have planted bhang.

“Serious discussion has to be held on the legalization and control of cannabis sativa, and entrepreneurs like MR Mbugua in their business and religious conquests #LegalizeIt” Raila Junior said.

Raila Odinga Junior is not the first to call for the legalization of bhang after National Super Alliance (NASA) Strategist David Ndii revealed he smoked the substance a lot at a young age saying It has proven therapeutic value and should be made available for general use.

“Why is marijuana illegal? Consumption of marijuana is a victimless crime. It has proven therapeutic value, while tobacco is a proven carcinogen that harms both the smoker and third parties through second hand smoke, yet cigarette smoking is legal but marijuana is criminalized? Is it perhaps because, as I opined in the Twitter debate, tobacco is a big global capitalist enterprise, but everyone can roll their own joint?” Ndii Said.

The renowned economist says cigarettes are more harmful but governments have legalized them because of the big companies running them.


Source The Standard Newspaper

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