Kenyans applaud school teacher caught on camera whipping students– VIDEO

Kenyans on social media have applauded a school teacher who was caught on camera whipping students by the roadside.

The clip shows the teacher caning two male students next to their school bus as members of the public watch.

However, from the clip, which has since gone viral, its neither clear from which school the student are nor the mistake they committed to warrant the corporal punishment.

vinny kips korir@Vinnykipskorir

@AMB_A_Mohammed @DCI_Kenya @RobertAlai @dailynation @bonifacemwangi @citizentvkenya @FredMatiangi @EzekielMutua
What sort of corporal punishment is this in this era? Saddening to see such kind of inhuman treatment??

While most Kenyans on Twitter seemed to support the teacher’s punitive action, the Director of Criminal Investigations has requested the user who posted the video to provide more information on the incident.



Good evening @Vinnykipskorir. Please give us more information on the same. Thank you.

vinny kips korir@Vinnykipskorir

@AMB_A_Mohammed @DCI_Kenya @RobertAlai @dailynation @bonifacemwangi @citizentvkenya @FredMatiangi @EzekielMutua
What sort of corporal punishment is this in this era? Saddening to see such kind of inhuman treatment??


What is wrong with a teacher instilling discipline to crazy student? We are blowing everything up with social media nonsense. We were clobbered in school and we never melted. Siku hizi tunatamba with discipline.


Why do you care? You promised to treat our youth in the same way. Those hooligans got their courage from you.


Well put…. we can’t keep our heads buried in the sand and expect a morally upright society…instilling discipline is different from corporal punishment… kudos mwalimu

Muloki Mwana’a Ngumbau?@Kambarage2017

If I was a parent to these boys I would cane them double what their teacher caned them. I would permit them to record the video and share with whoever. Who wants a bangi smoking high school boy in his home?


This teacher should be knighted and given a clean a Good Conduct Cert

?????? ??????@NdianyOkello

I see that as a normal form of punishment. If DCI keeps meddling with the teachers’ strategies of instilling morals in learners then they(DCI) will have so many thugs/murderers and rapists to profile and prefer for prosecution

Mzee?? Beko@mikebeks

Ukiona school bus imesmamishwa ndio kiboko kitambe, ujue the beating was neccesary.

Dre Kariuki@ItsPettyWap

Heheheh I’m assuming that this is a joke ?. Kids must be caned. And that’s not inhumane at all. The problems we’re having nowadays are emanating from the withdrawal of such disciplinary actions in our learning institutions.

Muloki Mwana’a Ngumbau?@Kambarage2017

@DCI_Kenya you don’t want to tell us you are going to waste taxpayers money hunting teachers like chicken whose only mistake is justifiably caning undisciplined high school boys who were probably smoking weed. Who in DCI has never been caned in school? Who? Avoid pettiness

Sub Chief@e_nyamai2

@DCI_Kenya during our days, each monday of the week we used to bring 2 canes each pupil from STD4 to STD 8
We were thoroughly & properly caned and thats why discipline is paramount to us upto date
this is just a slight touch. let it go

Gideon Kip Tanui@mamet254

@DCI_Kenya There is absolutely nothing wrong here, the way kids are misbehaving lately is wanting, see the rate at which they burn schools, et al. Caning is good for them.

Evans gitonga@Evansgitonga15

Now that you have intervened can we who were beaten worse than this in the past be compensated ???????? wacha mwalimu afanye kazi yake ng’ang’aneni na wakora

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