VIDEO: Raila Odinga will be the next president of Kenya- Mutahi Ngunyi

Opposition chief Raila Odinga will be the next president of Kenya, this is according to political Scientist Mutahi Ngunyi.

Speaking during his weekly show, The fifth estate, Ngunyi disclosed that the referendum that is slowly gathering steam will be launching pad for Odinga’s ascent to the house on the hill.

Ngunyi explained that Odinga will team up with President Uhuru Kenyatta through the umbrella of the handshake to foster national healing, crippling DP William Ruto’s ambitions.

Famed for the ‘Tyranny of Numbers prediction’ in 2013, the analyst added that the referendum push will see the creation of the post of an Executive Prime Minister and a ceremonial President.

A departure from the current setup in the 2010 constitution. Two open seats that will probably give Odinga a clear path to the top.

“Regarding the politics of change, Raila is the master, no one can smell change freshly as Raila does and that is why we cannot argue with the referendum, if Raila says it will happen it will happen.

“However, I am violently opposed to an executive prime minister and a ceremonial president. But, I am prepared to revise my position if three questions are answered.

“One, is a referendum a vehicle for creating positions for individuals? If the answer is yes, then I support the referendum…Creating a position for Raila so that he can build our nation is therefore perfect with me.

“Two, is creating an executive prime minister equal to extending Uhuru Kenyatta’s term? If the answer is yes, then I support the referendum. I stand for continuity…

“Three, if Raila and Uhuru support the referendum, we can stop it, if no one can stop it then I will not waste my time fighting it.”

On Saturday, Ruto – who had been for a while been opposed to the referendum push – made u-turn saying he will support the agenda if it will ease the burden for Kenyans.

“We have no problem with the referendum. Our problem is hypocrisy and conman-ship, to tell us the referendum was agreed during the handshake, you are lying to us,” said Ruto.

Ruto was speaking at fundraiser in Tharaka Nithi County.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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