Madness: Indian Men Trampled On By Cows To Bring Prosperity-VIDEO


Madness: Indian Men Trampled On By Cows To Bring Prosperity-VIDEOA video shared online has surprised many, showing Indian men volunteering to be trampled on by a herd of cows in Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh in India.

In the video, men are seen throwing themselves down, as the cows decorated with garland and henna trampled on them.

A crowd is gathered around to cheer the volunteers and play drums.

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Those who sustain injuries believe that the ritual will bring healing to them, and on top of it prosperity.

It is a ritual done among the Hindu community during Ekadashi, the eleventh day of each of the two lunar phases, which follows a day after the Hindu festival Diwali.

According to the Daily Mail, the ritual is meant to bring luck and prosperity to their town.

Hindus believe that cows are holy and sacred.

Here’s the video:-

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