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Opposition politics in Kenya temporary shelved as chickens come home to roost

Kalonzo ally reveals major cracks in NASA“Big African chickens come home to roost”: Multiparty was introduced in Kenya with a lot of euphoria but thereafter, it left a destruction path leading to a lot of suffering, displacement, tribal animosity, many deaths and not forgetting the birth of over 300 tribal political parties.

The leaders of the opposition were always busy traversing the country while loudly giving empty rhetorical speeches in meetings not knowing that while they were doing so, there were big cartels who by then were in style with the proverbial saying “the eyes of a frog do not prevent the cows from drinking water”.

Uhuru may not have been aware or in control as by then he was like on a diving board or a bouncing castle being bounced from one case to the next.

During his first term in office, he was busy fighting for his political survival after he had become a frequent traveler abroad to face trial at the international tribunal court in Hague for crimes against humanity.

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After his lengthy time consuming case was dropped and just as he was getting ready to settle down to complete some of his projects that he had initiated, time was not on his side as his first term got over.

The country by then was still undergoing through a time of painful healing due to tribal wars turmoil ignited by selfish leaders and the opposition though impotent was on top gears trying to realize the fruits of the second liberation.

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The whole nation was marred with tribal leprosy that was hard to cure in one presidential term as many were not ready to shelve the tribal animosity alliances that by then divided the entire country.

They then could not agree to unite to eradicate poverty ignorance and deceases and the naughty baby christened “corruption”.

All the same, the country was about to experience one of those thresholds turning moments in history that could have either shaped or made the country to perish into doom and despair.

The cataclysm created by selfish leaders then was absurd and retrogressive and in a way hindered and delayed the cause leading to the perception of a just society of men.

The first term was complete with no major tangible progress made due to a lot of infighting and corruption that was spreading fast like a wild bush fire.

The Kenyan people had not completely settled down when the term was over and it was time for yet another gruesome election period.

There were vigorous campaigns and the final vote day that saw no outright winner declared after the main opposition figureheads disputed the elections outcome and thereafter petitions were immediately set in motion.

It must have been the most difficult and trying time in Uhuru’s entire political career for the much anxiety to hear the petition outcome, was something that made the whole country to appear as if at a standstill.

The earth as usual continued spinning, BUT Kenya in a way was like derailed from the orbital constellation path as curious wananchi continued hanging somewhere in the air with the isolated small Nation minutes away to disintegrate.

While all this blinking confusion was going on many colossal shady deals took place while the impotent judicially and the partisan police watched as millionaire were created overnight just like in a monopoly game.

It was the period where Government trust lands were allocated to those silk-tie and flashy suited speak easy predatory salivating fortune seekers opportunists men and women with inside connections and with no regard for the plight of the common man.

The oracle of the former untutored meager monthly wage earners, soup makers, charcoal sellers, vehicle thieves, saloon queens and shoe shiners suddenly becoming rich overnight and forgetting too fast where they came from thus, came true.

The resulting arrogance and excessive illiteracy pride associated with limitless cash controlled by such weird characters was not even half the story.

Their self-greed overriding their conscience (if they had any) made them to go into a frenzy of politically guided unabated devastation of their own motherland to acquire rain catchment Trust-lands, riparian lands, school playfields, animal sanctuaries,  fire depots, cemeteries, recreation spaces,  filthy public toilets and other government owned institutions.

They literally took the country as the legendary tale of the elephant that had been killed by villagers and there was enough meat for those that had come with a knife but those without, had to go away hungry.

They were the new breed of men and women that shamelessly masqueraded their looks by coloring their all gray hair to resemble or even look better than those of their sons and daughters.

They had no sympathy with their environment while ignoring the fact that it was the same that had kept them alive.

They did all that ignoring what one lone Professor (the late Wangari Maathai) was fighting for throughout all her entire life.

They however ignored her insistence in conserving nature and their lack of knowledge to the much needed cosmic conscience, patriotism, insight, and moral sense eventually turned the country into a deceptive prophecy of astonishing quagmire darkness never witnessed before.

The original deceiving empty promises of eradicating poverty, ignorance, and diseases were temporarily shelved or completely forgotten due to their much greed and self interest.

It was a time of eminent darkness that saw the mushrooming of various politically connected monetary scandals and the birth of dare devil drug dealer’s barons cliché that enjoyed state-sanctioned rampant political impunity by easily bribing the top echelon leaders in broad daylight.

Many disgraceful colossal scandals bewildered many in the country when an entirely impotent, feeble judiciary and the ecclesiastic men in colorful ultramontane robes, watched as the state machinery got manipulated, ravished, stripped, and eventually left with a regrettable dented image.

The corridors of justice were a total shame and the street that face the once feared high court became no different from the night time Koinange street as broad daylight deals hatched by city hall corrupt workers took place there.

The long high court wide corridors too were like a street-walking bargaining venue this time not with trollops but with rapacious expensively dressed blue strip suited men of the bench misrepresenting their poor clients.

Many capitalized on the dead as well as the living by robbing them off their much needed compensated money to only purchase expensive glistering automobiles to elevate their fake status in society but in the process, they themselves tragically turned into psychotic walking brainless human beings.

The sentence such men later received after they were charged with the serious offences were a mere travesty of justice and not justifiable to the disgraceful wrongs they had done to the relatives of the departed.

They all the same with time eventually left those stripped suited men with no dignity, no foolproof in life, and no nothing to be envied by any human with a perceptive conscience mind.

Majority of the judges and senior civil servants entirely driven by overzealous greed and self interest were not left out behind either for they easily also joined the frenzy bribe ridden madness and happily enjoyed the culture of acquiring remunerative buildings business empires.

They suddenly shamelessly started driving exorbitant glistening automobiles that were worth much more than the salary they would get in a whole year.

Uhuru may not have been aware of the rot going on or if alerted, the much anxiety that was about to decide his fate was incomprehensible and mind shutting.

He all the same was cleared and was miraculously finally declared the winner after the repeat polls.

It was time to act …many thought but it was too late to rectify the dented image and save some institutions that were at the verge of collapse.

The opposition saw it too but they were too busy organizing meetings after meetings in readiness to rule the country by any means necessary.

It was not easy though and the whole country watched as eminent civil war was just seconds away.

It was so volatile that it only required just one main opposition figurehead to say the simple words “enough now wake up arm yourselves and fight …..but as all were anticipating something to erupt, the unexpected happened when one early morning that magical handshake took place.

Uhuru wherever he was may have commented “gathee ni giukaga gitaraire” (hard to translate but just accept “the unexpected can happen

The man referred to as the father of opposition then had made up his mind ….(maybe the best decision he has ever made in all his entire life) to temporarily shelve the quest for power and opposition politics and try to shape his legacy and more so his destiny…… It was time to gather his loud and much grumbling “African chickens to come home to roost”.

The famous handshake whether accompanied by monetary gain or to settle for some political mileage bargain saw the end of the rhetorical tialala speeches that had exhausted many in the country.

It was time for the chicken to feed,… to feel and even regret while recounting their earlier grumbling words against the government but they had to do it after they were convinced by the old man that river Jordan was not easy to cross.

The promised happy ending song “looking over river Jordan with angels riding swing lo swift chariot coming for to carry me home never a reality as anticipated for all they saw as they would later narrate were crocodiles and this time in human form.

A song that may not go away in the near future but all we can say is….that  was the only gentleman and Godly thing to do.

Yes it was time to temporarily shelve opposition politics for the sake of unity and development of the country loved by many.

It was maybe not a human intervention but a divine one and to the clergymen, Raila was no different from Saul when he saw light on his way to Damascus.

The issue now is if Uhuru can now be given the chance to rule the country uninterrupted while Raila is busy on his AU special envoy assignment many have faith that Uhuru with the help of Ruto is capable of delivering the promises he had vowed to achieve during his two terms.

The question is ….will he be able to accomplish the many promises in the short time presidential term remaining?

Elsewhere many now are asking themselves….. Did the chicken come home to roost just without a reason? …..The obvious answer is a big NO!

I see a big 2022 game changer similar to the one Raila played when Kibaki took over power after Moi era was over.(read Moi error)

This time around, it is as easy as splitting the majority Kikuyu and Kalenjin tribal votes and the opposition will again take over power.

If there is a referendum and Raila is cleared to vie for Presidency, who takes the top seat?

Your guess is as good as mine as the “big chicken” will not be roosting that time but rather to wake up and start the hatching plan.

Gideon Moi will be the Kalenjin split vote candidate and will easily be convinced by Raila to be the running mate.

Raila will then pick a popular Kikuyu or a popular Meru candidate and promise him or her a Prime minister position (IF APPROVED BY THE REFERRENDRUM or promise them a powerful position (unpredictable at this time as my horoscope machine has run out of batteries)

Kalonzo the lone rider as a presidential candidate will make Raila maths even more simpler as he will be phased out and forgotten with time.

(Mundu kwa mundu that time will sing Raila song and if they don’t and have their two obvious candidates it will not affect Raila maths in any way).

One man called Ruto though now enjoying popularity may sadly bite the dust just like project Uhuru failed to take off when Kibaki rose to power as he will not make it, if the Kalenjin vote is split and the cunning Kikuyu’s political hoodlums chameleons as usual will revive memories of the tribal clashes.

Yes when the time of reckoning comes, you may hear the resurfacing of popular phrases like “we paid the debt and we owe nobody nothing”. …..”mundu wa nyumba githi tiguo” (common slang no need to translate) and women will ululate arrrrrrrriiiiiiiii ….and the die will be cast period.

What if there is no referendum?

Raila will still be the king maker or the crucial referee just to ensure he safeguard his retirement package and his choice will have all the 4 Aces and  when all the rest will still be holding their joker the yet to be known candidate will simply say “CHECK” GAME OVER. ( not nyumba ya mumbi this time sorry)

Uhuru by then will have nothing to loose or gain and he will simply retire wealthy not even negotiating for any retirement packages so long as the constitution clearly defines the protection of individual property rights.

My guess is that he may very likely remain non committal in the succession wars just like Kibaki did.

Meanwhile “chickens continue coming home to roost” except one in Canada and the elderly rattling Martin in Europe (and others elsewhere) but it will just be a matter of time for the two to concede and start looking for the big “chicken” to define their existence and survival.

It is just a prediction based on some subject I learned called “Society” but structure and functioning of human society… (not even dwelling on anthropology or sociology) can be unpredictable at times due to the then prevailing political yelling and newly discovered slogans…..all the same the subject can keep many people guessing and coming up with even better predictions and hence those are my views that I am entitled to and like I always conclude, may what you read don’t go beyond your conscience.

Just like Plato would say write or comment if you have something to say or comment…but not to just comment or say something.



Isaac Kinungi


Kenyan Parents in USA


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