Diaspora Shuttered Dreams: A Kenyan in Diaspora desperate to return to Kenya


Diaspora Shuttered Dreams: Kenyan in the Diaspora desperate to return to KenyaRenowned Kenyan distance runner legend Henry Rono is pleading to the Kenyan Government to assist him return to Kenya.

He is now 66 years working as a security guard at Albuquerque Airport.

“I wants a ticket back home, please.”

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“Yes, I would like the government to help me get back home by getting me a ticket… I can’t afford living in the USA. I’m getting old… Also, being away from home for over 32 years is too long,” added the legend.

Those are the legend own words and it pains to imagine how such a famous man who brought much fame to Kenya ended up in poverty and despair.

We may think that he is alone but I believe there are many other Kenyans abroad going through similar ordeals but are afraid to be bold enough to narrate to their fellow Kenyans.

As Kenyans in the Diaspora we must join hands and help this on time true son of Africa who is suffering silently away from home.

I believe there are many who have his contacts like the group calling itself “Rift Valley Caucus” and they should not wait but get in touch with him and assure him that we in the Diaspora are capable of not only giving him the air ticket he is requesting, but even more for his upkeep.

Please let us not wait for the Government to assist this Kenyan as we are capable as a united Diaspora.

If you establish his contact inform Diaspora Media and we will take it from there.


D.K Gitau


Kenyan Parents in USA


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