STRANGER THAN FICTION: I was born white but I prefer being black


Please Mom I want to be black!

If children can talk while inside their mother’s womb, then Martina big would have requested her mother to leave the womb as a black woman.

The German born model has undergone skin darkening procedure and her country of choice for settling down is no other place but Kenya.

Yes she has made up her mind to live with the Wanjiku’s of that country while waiting for the second coming.

She has made no mistake though as the same is regarded as the cradle of civilization and to completely appear like an indigenous, she is contemplating on doing a lip job to resemble a woman from the slopes of Mt Kenya.

I spent my holidays in Kenya and I suddenly fell in love with the country” she says and to make her wish come true she will buy a house and call Kenya her home.

What a challenge to some in the Diaspora that are striving so hard to be away from home and even working three jobs to buy mortgage houses and settle for good.

Being black is not cheap though for Martina has spent a fortune to get that transformation that many don’t even realize how precious it is to be born black.

Say it louder “ Am black and proud!

D.K. Gitau


Kenyan Parents in USA

Source http://kenyanparentsinusa

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