VIDEO: Students rally in support of Denver man facing deportation to Kenya


DENVER — A Denver man came to the U.S. from Kenya to start a new life. Now, he’s fighting to stay here with the help from area high school students.

Two weeks ago, Anthony Wanjiru received a letter stating an application to extend his H-1B visa had been denied. He is just days away from being deported with no idea of what the future holds.

Wanjiru has been in the U.S for eight years after escaping the infamous slums of Nairobi.

“It’s an area known for prostitution drugs and crime,” said Wanjiru. “I used to rummage for food in the dump sites. Seeing your friends die from malnutrition and gangster activities.”

He has worked in the IT department at Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch since 2014.

Anthony Wanjiru
He escaped slums of Nairobi to come to U.S.

“He cares so much about the community and a person as a whole, ” said student Spencer Pankratz.

Wanjiru is set to be deported March 7.

“This has been my home. My work is here. My friends are here. You’re packing your bags and just leaving,” said Wanjiru.

He was one of three people selected out of 1,200 applicants to come to Colorado for a scholarship program. He received a master’s degree and volunteers with the Denver Rescue Mission. He also helps new refugees.READ MORE

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    While we sympathize with this case, we can also maybe show solidarity to this young man when they reach a decision that he has to go. America think that there are no Universities in Kenya and its to the contrary as the man can even go to the best we have and get a better job in Kenya than he would have got here. Its just the stereo type we have that Kenya is bad when it comes to studying or other social things but he can also make the best out of a bad situation. Failure is to fail as that is when one wake up and prove the distructors otherwise. Young man if they refuse just get into that flight with a determination to study. Appeal to us incase you have no funds to continue and surely we will mobilize Kenyans to prove them wrong. Those heading NASA mission are foreigners just to show how gifted we are.

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