VIDEO: My first job in the Diaspora was painting ~ Patrick Kiilu


Patrick Kiilu is a self-employed Kenyan offering professional services to the health and social care sectors in the UK. He is in Birmingham in the UK. This is his experience #DaringAbroad.

This is the story of Julius Mbaluto, a Kenyan who started out as an actor in the then VOK in 1998 and is now a freelance journalist practicing in the Uk.

Prof. Dominic Mwenja, a former president of California Miramar University in the US, is now the CEO of Mater Hospital. He lived abroad for 30 years and returned to Kenya in 2014. Apart from running Mater Hospital, he has time for unique farming known as hydroponic farming, farming without the use of soil. This is a continuation of the new daring abroad edition in which we are focusing on returnees.

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Videos By –CHAMS Media Channel

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