Born in Kenya now practicing as a Nurse in US-How to give back

Uhuru Secures Jobs in UK For Over 3,000 Jobless Kenyan NursesBorn in Kenya now practicing as a Nurse Anesthesiologist in the US. Today I’ve found a great way to give back.

Here is my story:

I recall watching Operation smile as they were featured on KBC (when this was the only channel you could watch on TV). They showed images of children that got engraved in my brain forever. Images of children with cleft palate and video footage of them cueing for surgery, short clips of the surgery done by these healthcare missionaries and finally the after pictures!
I was so grateful that these foreigners had the heart to come and dramatically change our people’s lives!
I saw the video of Kenya relief and saw what Steve James (a muzungu) is doing in our country and just had to go see it for myself! It was a life changing experience I tell you! Here is an opportunity for you and I to go back home and BE the difference in our people’s lives! Kenya Relief is an organization founded by an American, Steve James and has been making a difference in our peoples lives for the last 17 years.
I have my heart set out to spread the word across the globe and call for Kenyans in healthcare to come and join me in Migori, Kenya in January of 2019. Please let us go back together to serve our people! We left our country in search of better opportunities and have been successful at it. It is easy to just continue to do life abroad but it would be so satisfying to come back home and give back your time, your expertise and your love to your country Kenya. It is time for you to make a difference, let us go back and serve our people in this medical/surgical mission.
The look on their faces when they receive care in a language they understand from their very own will be engraved in your memory forever!
Why Migori? One may ask? My people are in…(name your town).
Come and see the system in place and learn from this man who has been called to serve us, come and see what Steve James has done and you will understand that It does not matter the tribe of people we are serving! What matters is that we can come together as ONE to give back to OUR people, to build Kenya with love.
I am looking for Surgeons, Operating room nurses, Anesthetists, Surgical techs or even Sponsors to join us.
Team II Wakenya January 16th – 27th 2019.
Thanks Florence Macharia Zilko CRNA
Email: [email protected]

Kenyarelief’s Mission Statement is says we bring hope to a new generation of Kenyans through partnership between communities, uniting for a common good.


Born in Kenya now practicing as a Nurse in US-How to give back

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