VIDEO: Maize Vendor’s life affected negatively after Ruto’s gift of ksh 10,000


Maize Vendor’s life affected negatively: Eunice Atieno, a maize vendor along Ngong road who recently benefited from Deputy President William Ruto’s philanthropy when he stopped by the roadsideto buy her whole stock of roasted maize claims that life has not been the same since.

According to Eunice, the incident that was a blessing to her turned out to attract stigma from her neighbors and other citizens.

Eunice claimed that since she was awarded Ksh10,000 by the DP, people now perceive her to be rich after the encounter with most maintaining that she was awarded more than she claims.

Maize Vendor’s life affected negatively

Deputy President William Ruto buying roasted maize from a vendor

“Since I got that money, I have had no peace at home, people are claiming that I was given a lot of money around Ksh300,000 or Ksh200,000, Ksh100,000 and that I don’t deserve to be by the roadside again because they assume the money I got was more than enough,” complained the devastated lady.

Speaking to NTV, Eunice disclosed that she spent the money she received from the DP on rent, school fees arrears and a pair of school shoes for her child.

“I had two months rent arrears, I cleared it and in school, my child had a school fees balance, I cleared that as well and he/she had no school shoes, so I also got a pair for my child,” revealed Eunice.

Despite the malicious claims, Eunice, however, maintained that she had been a vendor there for more than ten years with artisans confirming as much.

“I have known Eunice for very many years, when I was doing my animal business, she was beside me roasting maize,” confirmed a colleague.

The vendor was surprised by the DP who had stopped his whole convoy to enjoy her delicacy paying more than was required.

Overwhelmed by Ruto’s generous gesture, she knelt down shedding tears of joy as the DP tried to pull her back up.

He then went ahead to invite the crowd of people that had now gathered to also eat the roasted maize he bought.

Eunice affirmed that she will continue with her business as it has been her sole source of income.

Video courtesy of NTV



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