Relatives, colleagues defend character of Murdered Catholic priest


Murdered Catholic priestMurdered Catholic priest: As friends, colleagues, and relatives thronged Muujwa Catholic Church, Imenti Central, for the final journey of Fr. Eutychus Murangiri one thing stood: the late was true to his faith.

Contrary to the reports that he was involved in a relationship with a woman, his family rubbished the information saying the late was committed to his vacation.

His close associates eulogized him as loving and a friendly youth. To his colleagues, the late was a human and who didn’t deserve harsh criticism

Gideon Kimathi, the Chief of Staff Meru County, scolded those writing negative information about the slain priest urging them to stop.

“The things we read in Newspapers, social media…those things have to stop,” he said.

On the fateful day, Fr Murangiri was at Makutano area in Meru town where he was attacked around 1:45 am on June 4.

According to reports leading to his death, he was attacked when he went to pick a phone charger in his car.

The unknown assailant seated on the back of his seat stabbed him four times on the back, neck, and head, leading to his death.

Murdered Catholic priest

On that day, Janice Ntinyari, the 25-year-old who claimed to have been in a relationship with the priest for six years, was with the priest at the guest house.

Two people, Valentine Kinoti and Janice Ntinyari, last seen with the priest, were arrested in connection with the murder.

They were arraigned before Meru Senior Principal Magistrate Thomas Muraguri who allowed police to detain them pending further investigations.

At the time of his death, the late had only served for six months a priest after his ordination. He was buried at Muujwa Catholic cemetery.

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