VIDEO: Sonko Causes a Stir- Rides Boda Boda To Madaraka Day Event


Sonko Rides Boda Boda: The official 56th Madaraka Day event may have been held in Narok but it was Governor Mike Sonko’s fun fair that caught the attention of residents in Nairobi as he made his way to the county celebrations at Pumwani Police grounds.

The county head was smartly dressed in the Nairobi City County regalia as his convoy consisting of boda-boda riders snaked their way through the capital from City Hall Way.

The riders made their way through the streets hooting using the Kenyatta Avenue onto Uhuru Highway before connecting to Waiyaki Way and eventually taking the route on Prof Wangari Maathai Road.

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Sonko Rides Boda Boda

There was no traffic as the few residents on the streets waved at the governor and his convoy.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during the Madaraka Day celebrations at Pumwani grounds on 1/6/2019.

The ride lasted 20 minutes with the governor etched comfortably on the pillion of the motorbike.

Arriving at Pumwani grounds, Sonko stated, “This important day in our annual calendar is set aside to mark Kenya’s independence and self-rule.

Sonko Rides Boda Boda

“The opportunity to govern ourselves was hard-fought and we must jealously guard our freedom and liberty.

The independence allowed Kenyans to reach their highest potential, and we have since developed our nation Kenya into a regional economic powerhouse,” he revealed.

In attendance was Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris who followed the proceedings with other county officials.

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