Kenyans In America are Trump Evangelical supporters undercover

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Kenyans In America are Trump Evangelical supporters undercover

Dr. Teddy Kamau

Sitting in a Kenyan round table, things always digress into politics. This year’s Fourth of July was no exception. No matter where they are, and Kenyans are everywhere in the globe, they remain discreet without public drama, but they have these get together. One time in Havana, Cuba, I met a young man speaking fluent Cubano. Could not tell he was Oyango from Yarugunga! When they are in Kenya, Kenyans tend to be tribal, but the group I met in Kansas City Kansas knows nothing of tribe! Not that they do not see themselves within the tribal identities, but it is muted by all kinds of inter-marriages. This is a great thing to see

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One thing Kenyans have not lost in America is their politics and hospitality. For example, somewhere in Kansas, a man married some woman from Nigeria (bad move). The woman is so domineering that during the wedding she told her Kenyan mother in law that everything would be done in Okonko? Whatever that is. Then after the wedding she brought in her mother and basically kicked his mother out. To the credit of Kenyans, a couple heard of the mother’s dilemma and opened their home to her. Imagine that! Even though they are not related, they welcomed her to their home to get her away from the mad Nigerian daughter in law. Got to love Kenyans.

Kenyans do not like to advertise themselves. They especially do not like to advertise their “animal cruelty.” We all know that no matter where Kenyans are, goats and sheep are not pets! They are the main ingredients in a barbecue. Can you imagine a Kenyan having a mbuzi as a pet? Americans are funny. I remember a doctor buddy of mine calling me for a secret meeting in his garage. His wife had bought a pig and after years of spending 300 bucks a week on nutrition, the thing had become obese. It could not walk! The husband wanted to find a humane way of disposing it. He was so afraid of animal rights people and animal lovers and pig lovers and all kinds of animal rights humane society; the guy was terrified. He asked for my advice and we took care of the problem, the Kenyan way.

I remember one time I honestly wanted the smell of Damu ya Mbuzi. I was missing the time my brothers and I would join my father in slaughter. Then we would be instructed on the traditional way of slaughter. He would point, “this part is for men, this part is for uncircumcised boys, this one is for girls and this is for the women.” We would do this in the open. Then we would go to the forest and cut certain branches and lay them on rocks, lay the ribs on the fire. You can’t do that in the Sunshine State. I was determined to get a mbuzi. But I had to slaughter it in my closed garage. Was afraid my white Anglo Saxon Protestant neighbors would mistake it for some satanic ritual and call the sheriff. Americans!

Any way, in Kansas, after the Kenyans roasted pock ribs (No Mbuzi, neighbors), ugali, kachubari, chai ya majani, sukuma wiki and other necessary ingredients, the conversation migrated to politics. Even Kenyan women in America have become political. The age of men sitting alone outside while the women gossiped inside

about the men is dying a slow death. Kenyan women in America are becoming “liberated.” I mean with all the women bishops, prophets, and apostles, the old order of wazee wa kanisa is dying. Not to say I agree with the movement. I am a Pauline theologian and though Paul allows women to be deacons, he specifically left the position of elders to men: Old School.

Anyway, one of the ribs congregants said that if the democrats nominated, “that gay mayor of South Bend Indiana, even if I hate Trump, I would vote for Trump.” He did not imagine having a male president and a first lady without breasts and pretty face. He did not want to see two men standing together hand in hand waving to the camera having been elected president and Mr. first lady? I reminded him that Chicago has gone crazy; they have elected a lesbian couple! Both have breasts!

That is when it downed on me. Kenyans in America are conservative republicans undercover. They do not agree with homosexuality, abortions, what they call Akattaaism, progressive philosophy that fights against the Word of God. If it wasn’t for his stand on immigration, where Kenyans want people to come to America and be allowed to live illegally, Kenyans are Trump Evangelical supporters, undercover.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HTBluff Associates


Diaspora messenger Senior Columnist

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