Former Kibra MP Ken Okoth cremated at Kariokor in private function


Former Kibra MP Ken Okoth cremated at Kariokor in private function: Kibra MP Ken Okoth was cremated at Kariokor, Nairobi, this morning in accordance to his wishes in the presence of close family members, lawyer Edwin Sifuna has said.

The MP’s body was cremated at a private function on Saturday morning, ending the protracted debate on where to bury him and which method to use after differences emerged between culture and his will.

There was a split after a section of family members insisted Okoth be buried and not cremated as that would be a taboo.On the other hand, another group maintained that Okoth’s will was supreme and must be respected.

After the cremation, it is clear the MP’s will carried the day.According to Luo tradition, it is an abomination to burn the body of the dead.“Once a body is brought home, it is unheard of to carry it back to the city.

That is against our culture and will never happen,” sources privy to the plans told Standard Digital.Okoth’s family lawyer Edwin Sifuna said on Friday evening the family said the MP would not be transported to Homa Bay as was earlier planned for a service in Got Rateng, Kabondo Kasipul, due to logistical challenges.

The function at Got Rateng as earlier planned would continue, though without the body.

The family was torn between Luo culture and the late MP’s will. Okoth is said to have indicated his body be cremated upon his death.

“If the body was taken to Kabondo, villagers could have buried it by force contrary to the legislator’s will,” another source said.

Source The Standard Newspaper
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