Kenyan Police Officer Invites Homeless Children To Grace Her Wedding


Kenyan Police Officer Invites Homeless Children To Grace Her Wedding: An Administration Police Officer stunned her family and friends as she welcomed a host of street children to grace her wedding on Sunday.

Officer Doris Wako who is attached to Busia County first made headlines early this year after a picture of her sharing a meal with the street kids went viral.

She is noted to have immense affection for the street children, which was just affirmed on Sunday as they made a major part of her invited guests.

Doris Wako shares a meal with street children. /Courtesy

Speaking on the surprise move, Wako noted that the children like any other should be supported and embraced by every person.

“I don’t see anything extraordinary to invite these good friends of mine on such a memorable day in my life. Difficult situations back home are the key factors pushing them to the streets,” she stated.

The AP further urges parents to always strive to solve family differences amicably since children are the ones who suffer most when guardians engage in rows.

She exclaimed: “Once on the streets, the harsh environment pushes them to criminal activities while some engage in drug abuse. My aim is to remove them from the streets and if possible reunite them with their families.

“Parents also need to listen to their children instead of dismissing them. They might have pertinent issues that can be solved before they run to the streets,” she added.

During her wedding, the children led by their leader, Master Abraham Omondi, thanked Officer Wako for her continued support.

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