Living abroad not all fun & games-Kenyans share about life in diaspora


Living abroad not all fun & games-Kenyans share about life in diasporaLiving abroad not all fun & games-Kenyans share about life in diaspora: John Kamau has lived in the United States for the last 10 years. On his recent visit to Kenya, he was bombarded with so many questions from friends and relatives that he got concerned about the sudden interest by Kenyans to relocate.

“Kenyans see others living abroad and assume it is all fun and games. I know the Central Bank of Kenya said for the 12 months leading to March 2019, Kenyans in diaspora had remitted Sh 270 billion but I want to caution that the grass is not always greener on the other side,” says Kamau.

Number of Kenyans in diaspora

According to data from Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are an estimated three million Kenyans living abroad. These are official numbers.

The number could be more as there are hundreds of illegal immigrants in Europe and the US who may not be among the official numbers.  In June this year, the Kenyan community in the US were advised by Kenyan attorneys to take President Donald Trump’s decision to deport illegal immigrants very seriously.

New show reveals what it is like to live abroad

With more Kenyans looking at relocating for whatever reasons, the challenge they have is information on what to expect. And what better way than to hear it from the horse’s mouth – literally.

Starting Saturday 7th September, Standard Digital will stream an online show called Diaspora Life that will provide a platform for Kenyans in the diaspora to share about their experiences abroad.“This is a very unique concept of storytelling.

Together with a Kenyan in diaspora, we have curated hundreds of stories about Kenyans in the diaspora. We want Kenyans to share their experiences with the rest of the world and Standard Digital has provided that platform,” says Carole Kimutai, the Managing Editor, Digital at Standard Group Plc.

Kenyans in diaspora will share about how they live, food, careers, relationships, racism, investments, schooling and many other topics that the Diaspora Life crew will explore with Kenyans abroad.“With the fast rising digital landscape, online content is more accessible.

Keeping tabs on your relatives or friends does not fully expose an individual to any other life expectation apart from the said individual’s,” says Chris Wamalwa, a Kenyan living in the US.

About the Diaspora Life digital show

Diaspora Life is an online weekly show that will premiere on Saturday 7th September at 7:40pm (Kenyan time). It is a 15 minutes feature documentary that will expose us to the daily lives, achievements and struggles of Kenyans in the diaspora.“The uniqueness of this show is how we will deal with the uncommon topics that are never highlighted or spoken about in public by Kenyans in the diaspora,” explains Kimutai.

Diaspora Life has already interviewed Kenyans who have openly spoken about topics like: domestic violence, pre-mature suicides, marrying foreigners, dropping out of school, doing odd jobs, lying to relatives back home, social issues like culture shock, how Kenyans cope with it and the concessions Kenyans make between foreign and Kenyan culture.

The Show is hosted by Chris Wamalwa, a Kenyan living in the Diaspora. He promised to seek out Kenyans who have also became successful and made a name for themselves. “It is not easy making it abroad, we will focus on the journey so our audience can learn how to do it,” Wamalwa says.

Standard Digital is the number one most visited news site in Kenya. By streaming the online show, the site will bring together its local and international audiences and offer them a digital experience in the comfort of the mobile devices.

Catch the premier episode on Saturday 7th September at 7:40 PM on Standard Digital Videos Youtube page here and the Standard Digital Facebook page hereFor any inquiries about the show email [email protected]

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