VIDEO: Babu Owino owes HELB 800k but says will not pay


VIDEO: Babu Owino owes HELB 800k but says will not pay! Despite earning millions of shillings in salary and allowances from his job as a lawmaker, Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, says he is not willing to repay the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) loan he took to facilitate his University education.

Owino spoke during a TV interview on Monday, on the day Helb stated it will name and shame all defaulters of this loan scheme.


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But besides urging Helb to handle the stalemate on a diplomatic manner, the 30-year-old outspoken MP also argued that there is no need to repay the loans, anyway, as the monies are retrieved from public coffers.

“I will not repay that (Helb) loan. It is taxpayers’ money. It is not a loan we took from China,” he said.


“I was called to come and acquire knowledge at the University of Nairobi. It is the work of the government to pay for my education. They (government) promised us free primary and secondary education. University education should also be free.”

At the same time, Helb has asked all defaulters to explain how they intend to clear the loan within 30 days.

About 85,000 Kenyans have been unable to repay Sh50 billion to Helb and Owino believes it is because most of them are unable to.

By Nahashon Musungu

VIDEO: Babu Owino owes HELB 800k but says will not pay

Source Daily Nation

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