VIDEO: Drama MCA Mary Njambi alias ‘Mafirifiri’ hilarious moments

Gunshots Disrupt Mafirifiri MCA's Hilarious Protest During Chaos


VIDEO: Drama MCA Mary Njambi alias ‘Mafirifiri’ hilarious moments. Popular Nairobi MCA Mary Njambi, popularly known as Mafirifiri, was on Monday, November 11, forced to run for safety after gunshots disrupted her hilarious address to the media.

The MCA was narrating how some of her colleagues were operating dangerously with guns and that were likely to cause deaths.

She was speaking amid the chaos that took place at Nairobi City Hall that morning.

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Njambi appealed to DCI officials to step in and confiscate the deadly weapons from her colleagues, some of who she claimed owned more than two.

Nairobi's nominated MCA Mary Njambi aka Mafirifiri who made headlines in October 2018 over her Krimino comment
Nairobi’s nominated MCA Mary Njambi aka Mafirifiri who made headlines in October 2018 over her Kirimino comment.

“Let the DCI come and confiscate the guns because they are likely to cause deaths. Since when are MCAs allowed to have more than two guns?

“A day like today, the protesters were using guns and people like us were at risk of being shot dead. I do not even own a gun,” she protested

In her comical nature, she went on to mimic gun sounds and almost immediately, gunshots rented the air.

In October 2018, the lawmaker shot to fame after a botched attempt to eject Nairobi County Assembly Speaker, Beatrice Elachi.

In an address to journalists, the MCA passionately protested that Elachi had sprayed pepper in her eyes, an act she termed as “Kirimino” (Criminal).

“How can you be a speaker, na unawekea MCA wako mafirifiri kwa macho, si hiyo ni Kirimino (you are using pepper spray on your MCAs, isn’t that criminal)? ” she was lamented.


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