Missing Kenyan man Humphrey Murathimi buried in unmarked grave in MA

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Missing Kenyan man Humphrey Murathimi buried in unmarked grave in MA
Missing Kenyan man Humphrey Murathimi buried in unmarked grave in MAA Kenyan family in Nakuru,Kenya is devastated on learning that their missing son was homeless, alcoholic,died and was later buried in an unmarked  grave in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

The cause of death for Humphrey Murathimi as indicated on his death certificate obtained from the city of Boston was Acute ethanol intoxication and hypothermia.

He likely fell and froze to death in the park, during the Winter cold November of 2019

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According to some of his former work colleagues, he was a diligent hard worker and a friend to all with little or no signs of trouble.

Humphrey Baru Murathimi was 35 years old when he passed away on November 25th 2019. He was buried in unmarked grave on December 20th 2019 as  no one claimed his body nor any indication of an immediate next of kin.

Humphrey Murathimi unmarked grave

Information obtained from Robert J. Lawler & Crosby Funeral Home 1803 Center Street
West Roxbury, Massachusetts  indicate that the late Humphrey Murathimi was buried at 45 Fairview Avenue Boston,Fairview cemetery Hyde Park in unmarked grave.

His family learnt of his demise on January 25th 2020 and were greatly devastated.

He leaves behind his wife Beth Makena of Meru, Kenya and daughter Hope, both parents Jim Baaru and Gladys Murathimi.

He was brother to late Phoebe Murathimi of Kenya,Flora Murathimi of China and Hildah Murathimi of Kenya

The family in Kenya  is requesting the Kenyan Diaspora Community to assist in bringing the wife and parents so they can  organize a decent send off for their beloved son, plan a Memorial service  and perhaps get closure at some point.

The family kindly requests any help in the facilitation of the whole journey…air tickets and accommodation on arrival, transportation to the grave.

They have two old parents,3 sisters, wife and a child.

Donations may be sent to  Charity Mweru

Cashapp and zelle:
Charity Mweru


Charity M Nyaithanji
Digital federal Credit Union (DCU)
Acc. 5444813

Contacts:Pastor Karanja (617)-784-5729,Florence Mwangi (857)-373-9626 Sam Mwaura (781)-975-6145, Charity Mweru (774)-253-7129

Here is the obituary message from the Funeral Home:


By Sam Mwaura



Missing Kenyan man Humphrey Murathimi buried in unmarked grave in MA

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  1. Alice Nyagachu Kambo says

    We were in the same high school and we finished successfully in the year 2002. It’s sad to learn of his demise in such a lonely status. May he RIP. To all his family,may God give you strength and all you need to accept this sad news. I’m with you in prayer.

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