The Power of Identity: Never allow other people to change your identity

The Power of Identity: Never allow other people to change your identity
When your self concept and self image is settled and you have a clear perspective of your person, background, aspirations and Sense of belonging,  Like Moses, you will Gain your identity and firmly so.
This Identity Vibrates with force giving birth to passion which is in actual sense Potential that can erupt anytime its triggered.
Your passion will react to random occurrences upon anything which  triggers your passions, and make it a mission anytime and every time.
Moses came across an Egyptian Messing up with a Hebrew and This passion was ignited making that incident his Mission. To revenge for the Hebrew who was His own. Moses defended his identity.
Passion which is undirected,  is not safe as it could trigger in the wrong manner, place and time thus  yielding unexpected repercussions, like self Exile in the case of Moses soon after the previous murder mission was no longer a secret.
On the flip side of it, His passion was to relieve injustices from the oppressed and thus went for any mission that presented itself anywhere like  freeing  Jethro’s daughters from Bullies at the well.
Random Missions however passionate will not catapult you to greatness unless its directed for effective maximization of output.
Purpose , is the Vector power of any mission and passion thereof.
It makes the whole difference and completes a person because Vision Guides one to exercise his passion in specific missions in an effective manner  which yield the results strictly in line with the purpose and, that’s when greatness is born.
Purpose mostly solves a societal need and in a consistent manner making it fertile ground for the actors to be perceived great as and actually become great in the process and in the long run.
Moses now had a  vision of delivering the Israelites from Bondage bit to a specific destination.. That was Smart, as opposed to Random fights with Egyptian vs Hebrew and quarrels with Hebrews vs Hebrew.
That became his mission and it rested well with his identity and passion making him sustain the course even arguing with God whenever God thought of giving up on the Israelites.
Never allow other people to change your identity.
We should adapt transformatively and tolerate others while keeping our identities before we transcend to emptiness and bitterness when we finally look back and see Losses after losses and lost tangents in life With meaningless lives.
Sometimes we hung on kids but later the kids get their own lives and we realize how empty we are.
This results to parents who always Nag their children for attention…and getting offended that the kids Chose their spouses or friends for company , why because such parents Are feeling empty, in the absence of their kids due to wrong foundation.
Many people affect how we view ourselves either negatively or positively depending on what they say to us and how they treat us.
In either case, let every incidence fuel your crave to know God and know yourself.
Do not succumb to the negativity, it can only poison you further.
 it’s until Moses discovered that The Son of Pharaoh’s daughter meant something…That he had no known father and that he was not royalty and that he was Hebrew and not Egypt; He began a quest to self awareness.
Am sure it was not said in kindness,  but it helped Moses find himself and later purpose by Gods help.
Some of Our spouses in adult stages Alter our identities significantly in marriage till we remain pure shells of our former selves , no longer ambitious, no longer risk takers, no longer in charge and no longer daring because we conformed rather than transform .
Be careful never to loose yourself, it breeds misery in the long run.
Noone loses themselves and remain happy..never ever.
When you change and become the way your spouse wants you to be, you mostly become like your spouse, The Taste of uniqueness is lost, the groove of variety in the relationship is killed, Your spouse finally gets bored with this man who never is aggressive,  never inquisitive, never fighting out to defend him, never Daring with risks for new horizons and no longer leading  because that’s what they loved in the first place. The independence meant you could take care of your woman, the aggressiveness meant you can take the lead,
Whereas your woman enjoys having her say and can easily take over, She partly feels bad that you no longer lead, instead you are asking her what to do..innocently because you dont want trouble but On the flip side of it, what she has made you become has also turned out boring.
Find yourself because at the end ,you will loose your self esteem and can only get to the wrong direction if you dont find yourself.
The same applies to men towards ladies.
Do not allow yourself to be abused..verbal abuse is worse than physical abuse.
Verbal abuse lasts longer in the subconscious and will deliver the negative results stored in the subconscious to become reality  and sink your life  into depression and finally suicide.
Finally refuse to be told negative things about yourself.
What you hear before you sleep, registers in your mind which is the central blue print of your life…if its typed in your mind, it will produce negative results whether you like it or not, unless you have a means and skill to extinguished and replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations.
It’s a skill learnt and most dont know about it or how to do it .
Refuse to be told nasty things before you sleep and immediately you wake up.
Jesus said do not let the sun go down in your anger, there was a scientific reason to it but the time couldn’t allow those people to comprehend the science behind it.
Clear all your negative thoughts before the sun sets because when you keep them, negative things are attracted to you.
Set aside a convenient time to discuss all the bad things but you must sleep in peace and happy if possible and your life shall be great.
Forgive all hurts and disappointments  , not because they deserve but because you deserve to be free with the power of positivity so as to experience Success…
That’s why Jesus says even if you bring an offering to the alter, and you are bitter with your wont benefit you unless you make peace first then return to offer…it was that serious.
When Jesus says that a man looking at a woman wistfully has already formulated with her, it meant scientifically that, What you register in your mind, by wistfully looking at the woman will sure bear fruit unless you extinguish it…so you are as good as having slept with her because you sure will sleep with some woman on account of that lust already  printed in your mind.
Very finally.. Think about your own good.
Factor yourself as a beneficiaries of good things. Do not neglect yourself.
It was the first utterance even before his brothers stopped him from talking…
Even before he asked who is this uncircumcised philistine that defies  the armies of God.
Joseph told the cup bearer, remember to mention my name to Pharaoh..It happened later, but Joseph asked for his own well being.
The 4 lepers in 2kings 7:3-20, Ate and drunk, then took silver and Gold from two tents  and Hid somewhere safe before they called Their folks to come in too.
Elisha asked permission from elisha to go kiss his father and mother before he religiously followed Elijah..
It was important to him.
Look out for yourself and those things which are important to you before you loose yourself.
You wont serve your people well if you have lost yourself.
Find yourself and keep your identity always.
WHEN Adam lost his identity, Even God couldn’t recognize him…He had to call out and ask questions.
By Dr. Anderson Ingwe Murunga



The Power of Identity: Never allow other people to change your identity. 

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