Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes?


If you are  considering following your passion there are a few simple do´s and don’ts that may determine whether you generate extra income, or give up frustrated and disillusioned.

While I was researching the case studies for chapter 7 of the Passion to Profit book, there were common trends I noticed with the people I interviewed. Hearing about other people’s success stories can inspire us, but hearing about their struggles is just as important. It helps us learn and avoid unnecessary pain and frustration. (You can read some free chapters of the book here)

Here are 3 simple but overlooked mistakes to avoid.

1) Thinking Following Your Passion is a Get-Rich Quick Scheme

The people I interviewed who are successfully following their passion started down the path out of a love for what they do, and a desire to add value to others. If your only motive is to get rich quickly, you will be disillusioned. Yes, the whole idea is to have a side or part-time business, but when money is the only reason we  follow our passion, we will abandon doing what we enjoy when the millions don’t come in the 1st month. Money is a good servant but a bad master.


2) Not Honing Your Skills 

Following your passion is work.  And just like any job, you are paid for the value you bring to the market place.  If you expect to make some profits  doing what you enjoy, you´ll have to get as professional as possible. That doesn’t mean you procrastinate because  you´re not “good enough”. It just means at any given time you do the best you know how while striving to get better at your unique talent or hobby. Successful businesses exist is because they solve  problems. So the better you are at  providing solutions with your passion, the  more people are willing to pay you for. Honing your skills can lead to more profits.


3) Underestimating The Process.

This was a major common theme in my research. We often assume because we love doing something it won’t take work or time before we see results already! But much as following your passion for profits sounds like fun, I and many others will tell you, it. Is. Work. Doing anything significant requires time. Be prepared to work. A lot. On the flip side if you enjoy doing something, it invigorates you. Long hours refining your recipes or writing will not feel like torture. Just be prepared to invest time and energy before you see any profits from your passion.

Those are just 3 simple, but commonly overlooked mistakes. Having said all that, the benefits of making money doing what you enjoy outweigh the work involved. Get your Black Friday offer on Amazon and invest in your passion.

Nancy Gathecha is an author, speaker, digital strategist, and podcast producer. Connect with her at

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