Corona Virus: Stop Blaming the Devil, he is just adding up Souls!


Corona Virus: Stop Blaming the Devil, he is just adding up Souls!

Dr. Teddy Kamau

4th series of 4: The world is in fear and the devil is being blamed! However, the devil did not cause corona virus. The only thing he is doing is harvesting! Listen to Revelation, “I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.” Revelation 6:8.

Christ said to his disciples, that he will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (Mathew 16:18). He completely removed human power from his consideration and evoked the forces of SATAN (GATES OF HELL). Imagine that! God himself knows that Satan has power, because in Job we learn that he gave it to him. So Christ knows the power of Satan, but instead of wiping him out with one WORD, he declares a continuous war! Why?

The bible is very clear about how reality works. It lays out a very systematic case for a mysterious bureaucracy that governs all things, seen and unseen. In the first case, it makes it clear that it is Christ who created all things. St Paul argues that, all things were created by Christ, through Christ, and for Christ (1st Colossians 15ff). This gives the ownership of all things to Yesu Kristo. It makes the case that this is the reason Christ must redeem all things because they belong to Him. But Christ’s ownership is not without authority. The bible argues that it is God the father who saw fit to put all things under Christ (Colossians 1:21). And at the end, He, Christ, shall lay all things under the feet of God the Father (1Corinthians 15:38)

From Genesis to Revelation, God is shown to be systematic. God is an organized and strategic manager of His creation. He does not micro manage, rather He manages through delegation. He has given all authority to Christ. However, He also has not taken authority away from his established departments. Satan is still the head of the Kingdom of Darkness, with un-restricted access to the earth where man dwells. Man is still the head of the Kingdom of man. That is why governments are shutting down churches. Mathematics and Matter (nature) are still the head of the universal reality. And Death is still self-regulating in the Kingdom of Death. These are the departments that operate on earth. Which one of these is responsible for coronavirus?

The Kingdom of God stands absolute with veto power. This is seen in the book of Job where God gives Satan (Kingdom of Darkness) extra power to affect the specific health of an individual but limiting his power to hurt, wound, stress, frustrate, depress, but not kill. However Satan is still given the power to rule the earth and to recruit and keep followers.

The Kingdom of Death is also independent and works with Mathematics and Nature. It is not under man and the devil, but works in conjunction with them. God has veto all things and Authority to chose when and where to use it. That is why Christ raised

Lazarus from the dead. God laid the manual of death by declaring to man that, “Cursed is the ground because of you.” (Genesis 3: 16ff). Given that all things we eat, drink, use for shelter, transportation and general survival come from the ground, death was given these things as means to accomplish its purposes. That purpose is to eliminate human life on earth!

The created order, including things outside of the earth (in outer space) are all controlled by mathematics. Everything we see is perfectly laid out mathematically and functions perfectly within its own power. Look around you and see trees, grass, the moon, the stars, and look at yourself in the mirror. After your mother’s egg was fertilized, you became life and you live perfectly programmed. Your mother did not control your birth, it happened. Life does its own thing, taking genes from our ancestors and distributing them in harmonious symphony! Storms, draught, hurricanes, tornados and all things are what they are!

Therefore the Coronavirus is not a product of the devil; rather it is a making of the Kingdom of man. Because of his continues failure to rely on the wisdom of God, and seeks human wisdom for survival instead of God’s, he makes major errors in judgment. Man trusted the Chinese who have no concept of God. They, given their atheism submit to things that God’s wisdom demands that we do not. It is like a man marrying a woman from the bar whose body is saturated by alcohol. Their children are born with issues and the man claims that the devil brought the curse on him. He should not have married that woman! In the same way, blaming the devil for corona is crediting him with authority he does not have.

What we can say is that the devil influences man not to follow the design of our God whose purpose for our life is GOOD. You see, the devils purpose on earth is to make sure he does not spend eternity in hell alone! Corona helps his cause through mans ignorance of God’s wisdom in the bible! The more death kills the un-believer the more people SATAN has! Man continues to play with Satan, and Satan continues to count his numbers. Corona was made by man, with the influence, not control of Satan. Death uses it to do its job: It uses corona to fulfill its duty. And Satan rejoices!

The Bible says that death is the last enemy to be defeated by Christ (1st Corinthians 15:26). One Kenyan police officer said that Corona came from God. Really? How can God be both death and life? Death is an enemy? God does not benefit from death. Therefore we must ask, who is benefiting when death does its work. The answer, Satan! And that is why he wanted man to fall in genesis so that Death may be decreed!

You see, as in the revelation passage above, the pale horse rider was death, and hades (Satan’s Kingdom) was behind him! What was he doing? Counting watejas.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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  1. csaaphill says

    No Satan is using this to show god who they truly follow… Or is a precursor to the full judgments.
    Satan probably did create this for his last deception in the world.
    Men are choosing man’s kingdom over this not gods for if they weren’t then more wouldn’t be following the stay at home crap and doing what they would normally and not freak out as they are doing.
    God’s wrath has not mixture as revelations say this has all kinds of mixture for more people are recovering from this.
    Romans 13 never said to follow man’s edicts but to follow God’s Exousia is the word that was used for the word power. In the greek. So when the writers/scribes had to chose which word to use to translate into English they used power, not liberty which is the true word they should have used not power.
    Jesus never stayed home and would never have even if Rome ordered it. he touched a lepper which at the time was far more contagious that Coronavirus. Churches have failed us basically by abiding with man’s edicts and not doing what Christ would have done.
    SKype I’m sorry isn’t an end around the truth.
    In the end time Jesus which was asked about the Tares and the wheat if they/the apostles should destroy the tares now Jesus told them no because if they did, they might destroy the wheat too.
    Satan is more likely to use this and God because it will show god as well just who is on his side and who the tares are.
    So yes very much so yes Satan is to blame for this and use it to deceive more people and destroy their souls.

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