US actress Angelina Jolie to give 1300 Kenyan teachers Ksh155 million


US actress Angelina Jolie to give 1300 Kenyan teachers Ksh155 million

Popular US actress Angelina Jolie on Monday, July 13, announced that some 1,300 teachers in Kenya would receive Ksh155 million.

Angelina Jolie in her capacity as the Special Envoy for UNHCR noted that some of the children left without schooling worldwide due to the coronavirus may never set foot in a classroom again.

“Ensuring education for refugee children is something we can make happen if we all come together,” the famed actress expressed during the virtual launch.

A report by Citizen TV indicated that UK Ambassador to Kenya Jane Marriot, who was in attendance, disclosed that the money would be paid out to teachers based in Dadaab, Kakuma, and Kalobeyi refugee camps.

She further noted that it would be spread out across seven months to ensure that children in the camps continue schooling even as the pandemic bites.

Kenya was selected among 10 countries to benefit from the payout seeking to keep more than 300,000 needy children in school.

A file image of a teacher in a classroom

“COVID-19 has presented all our societies with huge challenges, and it’s vital we support those most in need. The UK is proud to help vulnerable refugees in Kenya gain an education, as we build back better after this pandemic.

“I’m delighted that Kenya is part of this program across 10 countries, and that Kenya was represented at this virtual summit,” stated the ambassador.

The other countries set to benefit from the program include South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Chad, Malawi, Mauritania, Pakistan and Yemen.

The total amount shared to the ten countries is Ksh713 million with over 5,000 set to benefit.

Kenya Acting Director Primary Education Nereah Olick also attended the meeting.

This allocation stands as a ray of hope in the struggling Education Sector with the 2020 calendar already written off by the Ministry of Education with opening dates for secondary and primary schools pushed to January 2021.

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