Video: Grandmother who beat up Chinese woman in viral video speaks up


Video: Grandmother who beat up Chinese woman in viral video speaks up

Video: Grandmother who beat up Chinese woman in viral video speaks up
75-year-old Jane Nyambura and a Chinese girl whom she threatened to beat up FILE

Jane Nyambura, a grandmother who featured in a viral video where she threatened to beat up a Chinese woman, has a reason to smile after a well-wisher visited over the weekend at her home in Gatundu North, Kiambu County. Apologies the above video is in vernacular language.

Nyambura’s guest, a YouTube content creator popularly known as DJ Macdee conducted an interview with her, in which she listed how her life had taken a turn for the worse since she was evicted to pave way for the construction of the Kariminu Dam.

She currently lives with her granddaughter who is an orphan and has struggled to educate her until Form One at a local school.

“I took the responsibility of educating my granddaughter because I know the value of education. I did not go to school myself but I don’t want my granddaughter to end up like me,” she stated.

The entertainer then volunteered to take over the payment of the girl’s fees until she completes school.

He also took a Ksh 1,000 shilling note and handed it to the elderly woman after she mentioned that she belonged to a table banking group.

After the interview, the DJ took the family to the local shopping centre and paid more than a month’s supply of foodstuffs including maize flour, rice sugar and other household commodities.

Nyambura thanked Macdee for his kind gesture, urging him to look for more vulnerable people and bless them as well.

During the interview, she addressed the viral video and claimed that the Chinese girl whom she threatened to beat up.

“That girl disrespected me by pointing her finger at me. That is against the traditions here, you never raise a finger to your elders. I shoved her when she attempted to drag me away. If it wasn’t for the police I would have beaten her,” she said.

She expressed how bitter she was at losing her land and source of livelihood after her homestead was demolished in the night. Netizens have used the video to pressure the government into paying dues owed to Nyambura.

“I was surprised to see people taking down my roof from above and the bulldozer destroyed everything that I had including crops and animals which I used to keep.

“Now I am condemned to do manual work to feed myself and my grandchild. I make around Ksh 300 a day,” she intimated.

To add insult to injury, Nyambura stated that she had never received her share of the social welfare funds dished out to the elderly by the government despite being registered.

Nyambura went viral on Saturday, January 16 when a video, in which she was demanding Ksh3 million compensation from the government was shared by users on social media.

She took her anger out on the Chinese lady who is said to have been associated with the firm which was undertaking the construction.

It took the intervention of the area chief and other leaders to calm the disgruntled residents who were then assured that the payment would be made in a week’s time.



Video: Grandmother who beat up Chinese woman in viral video speaks up

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