Kisii Singer Embarambamba Biography: Age, Wife, Awards and Real Name


Kisii Singer Embarambamba Biography: Age, Wife, Awards and Real Name
Kisii Singer Embarambamba Biography: Age, Wife, Awards and Real Name

Embarambamba is the most dramatic Kisii artist of our time. He is a musician without limits in his style of singing. A new wave of energy in latest productions has left many hunting for Embarambamba biography details.

The comic relief that comes with Embarambamba music continues to spark mixed reactions from Kenyans. Even so, supporters love Embarambamba songs for their humorous content and unimaginable dance moves.

Embarambamba profile summary
Real name: Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma
Nickname: Embaragwasinga
Date of birth: February 1,1988
Place of birth:  Keroka, Nyamira County
Embarambamba age: 33 years
County: Nyamira County
Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
Embarambamba Instagram: @embarambamba
Ev Embarambamba Twitter: @embarambamba
Embarambamba Facebook: @embarambamba
Embarambamba YouTube: Chris Embarambamba
Occupation: Actor, model, musician, and songwriter
Religion: Christian
Genre: secular/gospel music
Relationship status: Married

The Gospel Singer Chris Embarambamba is famous for his baffling dance moves. He is now a conversation starter at the national level, where his new gems are circulating.

The young Christopher first went public for his talent when former president Daniel Moi recognized his dancing talent.

The Gusii singer would always skip school to go and dance for the president.

On the lucky day, Moi had visited Kisii for an official function, after which he spotted Embarambamba dancing for him.

Embarambamba, whose real name is Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma, had taken to the frontline to celebrate the president with comic dance moves.

How old is Embarambamba?

Embarambamba age is 33 years as of 2021. The star singer was born on February 1, 1988. Chris celebrated his 33rd birthday in the company of fans and family.

Cheerful Kenyans exchanged heartfelt messages with Chris Embarambamba on the eve of his born day.

Embarambamba tribe and nationality

Chris Embarambamba tribe is Kisii while his nationality is Kenyan. The singer is presently touring the country and leading television network with a candid gospel message.

Embarambamba on NTV, The Trend, Citizen TV, and Churchill Show are among his latest heights.

Chris Embarambamba education

The man of action attended Kierira Dok Pri School near St Augustus Academy in Kitutu Masaba Constituency.

He would later sink deeper into the music industry after his Kenya certificate of primary education exams.

Embarambamba wife and family background

Photo: The young and beautiful wife of Embarambamba smiling . SRC: @embarambamba

The singer is a married man with five children. He comes from a humble background.

The wife of Embarambamba was formerly a traditional singer before she gave it up to concentrate on her parental responsibilities.

On the other hand, Chris Embarambamba was formerly a peasant famer before he gave it all up for a fulltime career in music.

The two have a lovely daughter who looks like her father Chris Embarambamba.

Embarambamba biography on multi-coloured dressing

Chris Embarambamba relies on a couple of Luo designers for a constant supply of his yellow theme coloured suits.

It is one of the two who helped him throw off hide skins from his dressing style. His unique dressing is not only conspicuous but also cool and funny.

His career kick-started in 2004 as a supporting artiste working under Mr. Ongengo. The two famous Kisii musicians are long-time friends.

Biography of Embarambamba and Mr. Ongengo

Mr. Ongengo first approached Embarambamba asking to entertain alongside him at a high profile event in which Nyachae was likely to attend.

He later met Walter Nyambane at Nyanturago.

The stage name Embarambamba came from his notorious play of drums and instruments back in the days of Ongengo.

He was part of the Enturururu hit maker artists. In 2007, Mr. Ongengo promoted Embarambamba to release his debut song Ensanako Tebwati Masikani.

Embarambamba and Man Pepe Sagero biography

In 2009, Embarambamba switched to work with Man Pepe Sagero. He worked with him until 2016 when he released Amatindogoro.

Chris Embarambamba songs

The singer released several hit songs before quitting secular music altogether.

  • Amasomo
  • Amatindogoro
  • Boda Boda
  • Chichoke
  • Chisimi
  • Cllr Steve Arika
  • Dr Masese
  • E Weekend
  • Engiti
  • George Morara
  • Kwarikumbeire
  • Nabo Ereigo
  • Naki Kiare
  • Tibwechandera
  • Transline Classic

The singer looks up to Apostle Kyande Ministries and Evangelist Douglas Otiso for inspiration in his new founded journey as a gospel artist.

Embarambamba gospel songs

The Kisii singer started his career at a tender age. His notable talent eventually swayed attention from studying. Kisii songs Embarambamba include the following.

  • Ninchwo Mbaorokie
  • Siara Ebuse-Embarambamba
  • Omwana Onyasae Akong’ita Obote
  • I was Confused – (Official Audio) Chris Embarambamba

The latest weird moves, shouts, jumps, and dashes have left many taking Embarambamba for madness. He has, however, countered these allegations citing his drama as a new way to praise God.

Top Embarambamba mp4 songs download

The Kisii musician has been featuring in the gospel scenes with considerable influence on his former secular stint fans.

  • Amatindogoro
  • Embarambamba na wanadada wa gospel
  • Namoonchire Yeso- Bro Dennis Onyamo
  • Embarambamba na Mwaniki Nayaeteire
  • Obongo nabwo omonto by Embarambamba
  • Sanitize-Chris Embarambamba ft Bro Dennis Onyamo

Even with his ever-rising popularity, many are still concerned about his changing from secular to gospel music.

It is still unclear what might have motivated Embarambamba Msanii wa Kisii to change his long-time career label completely.

Rolling in muddy water

Shooting a video on muddy water left the nation taking about his extraordinary talent. Interestingly, many are yet to belief that he is a sober entertainer.

Embarambamba songs download

Are you seeking to watch and download Embarambamba videos and audio songs? We have them all for your playlist.

Proceed to or for the latest of Embarambamba audio songs and more.

As if shooting a viral video in a pool of mad was not enough, the song I am confused has left Embarambamba on hot soup yet again.

Kenyans brought him to questioning for disrespectfully jumping on the back of a female performer.

The public voice has termed the incident a foul play for a celebrity of his calibre.

Many were quick to identify and judge Fenny Kerubo as the alleged woman in the viral video.

The Kisii female gospel singer has openly denied these claims citing malicious intent to ruin her excellent music label.

On the other hand, Embarambamba is least bothered with what people have to say about his controversial music style.

Embarambamba biography and contacts

Use the contact to support and book Embarambamba for a show;

  • Phone: +254726204282

Chris Embarambamba is confident being a new trendsetter in the ministry.

Intense public scrutiny into Embarambamba biography can only build his profile as a renowned Kisii artist. It is unlikely that he will drop his reputation amid the ongoing controversies. Meanwhile, the wonders of Embarambamba may not end any time soon.



Kisii Singer Embarambamba Biography: Age, Wife, Awards and Real Name

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