Mwai Kibaki’s eldest son, Jimmy Kibaki Joins Politics

Mwai Kibaki's eldest son, Jimmy Kibaki Joins Politics
Mwai Kibaki’s eldest son, Jimmy Kibaki Joins Politics

Former President Mwai Kibaki’s eldest son, Jimmy Kibaki, has thrust himself into the murky world of politics.

Addressing aspirants during a meeting on Friday, January 14, the Deputy Party Leader of The New Democrats (TND) stated that his intention is to develop Kenya’s economy as his father did.

He also urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to come out and tell Kenyans what he envisions for the future.

Further, Jimmy asked people who are contesting for various seats to ensure that the elections are peaceful.

He disclosed that his father’s biggest wish is to see a peaceful election and urged voters to reject anyone who incites them to violence.

“My father, Mwai Kibaki, would wish Kenya to have a peaceful election and I’m passing this message on behalf of him.

“Politics isn’t a matter of life and death. Elections come and pass, and I don’t understand why you should attack your brother or sister,” he remarked.

Jimmy revealed that the party has his father’s blessings and although they are not fielding a presidential candidate in this year’s election, one day they might.

He explained that TND intends to win between 50 and 150 parliamentary seats because they want to form a coalition government with other parties.

Jimmy also asked Kenyans to elect a president based on merit and not be deceived.

“I have been involved in four presidential campaigns, so I know what I am talking about. Politics is not romance. When we are electing someone as president of the Republic of Kenya, we want to elect the person we feel is the most capable person of leading this country and ensure peace, democracy, and prosperity,” he explained.

While it was not immediately clear what seat Jimmy will vie for in the August 9 polls, speculation is rife that he will be the running mate for TND’s Party Leader Thuo Mathenge who is seeking the Nyeri gubernatorial seat.


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Mwai Kibaki’s eldest son, Jimmy Kibaki Joins Politics

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