How Can You Transition From A Student To Working In Corporate US?

How Can You Transition From A Student To Working In Corporate US?
How Can You Transition From A Student To Working In Corporate US?

Look! Its very easy to ingrain the American Dream inside you but usually, the journey is never always quite straight forward.

Many times, people are tempted to think that getting a US student visa and graduating will automatically place them at the epitome of attaining the American dream.

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However, as Nelson Mandela said, ‘when you climb one big hill, you find many more others to climb.’
With a graduation cap on your head, a new headache of figuring out successful entry into the corporate world, crops up.
Normally, this is one of the most difficult stages for international students.
Without the right employer to file for your work papers, falling out of status or taking a flight back home now become two possible harsh realities.
The most complicated aspect of the whole thing is that for any employer to consider you, you are required to have skills that many Americans don’t possess.
The challenge can be quite overwhelming. Such obstacles informed the inception of our award-winning initiative, The Kenya Airlift Program, to enable students navigate easily through the process of transitioning from school to the American corporate world.
When we held a farewell party and luncheon for around 30 students under the program leaving for the US in December last year, it was a golden opportunity providing insights on the whole process of transitioning from school to working in the US and how our program does it differently.
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How Can You Transition From A Student To Working In Corporate US?

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